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Deuce male harness

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Double strap harness - Deuce male harness - view #1 Double strap harness - Deuce male harness - view #2 Double strap harness - Deuce male harness - view #3 Double strap harness - Deuce male harness - view #4 Double strap harness - Deuce male harness - view #5


While double penetration is hot, that is not the only thing that the Deuce is about. There is that option, yes, the Deuce offers lots of opportunities to explore - both with the positioning of the dildo and enjoying the jockstrap design. Think of this as a versatile harness that's great for experimentation.


Love the jockstrap look and feel. Comfortable to wear.


Lower dildo opening not as snug as I would have wanted.
  • Material:

    The Deuce harness is made with a combination of spandex and polyester. The material feels durable and it is comfortable to wear (about as comfortable as any jockstrap I have worn). It has a soft satiny feel which is nice against the skin. This is more of a piece of clothing than a traditional harness. There is no unpleasant odor.

    Nylon / Spandex
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

    When you first open the package, the Deuce looks like an extremely large jockstrap. The front pouch is much larger than would be the case with a typical jockstrap. The straps are also much longer, but they fold in on themselves to allow adjustment from about a 28" waist size all the way up to a 50" waist. The straps at the thigh can also be adjusted to give you the right fit. While you can try to insert a dildo in the front, it is best to go from the backside of the pouch. It has a bit of a flap that helps to hold the dildo in place. The openings are about 2" in diameter, so this works best with dildos that are close to this thickness (at least 1.5") and up. If the dildo is too thin, it will move around too much in the opening. It also helps if the dildo has a base of between 2-4" so that it will fit securely in the pouch. That should work for most sized dildos.

  • Size / Fit:

    As I mentioned, despite the largeness it projects at first, it actually is quite comfortable even if you are not a particularly large person. It can definitely handle all sizes. The fit was secure in the waist and the thighs. The one downside is that all of the extra fabric to accommodate the dildo makes the front pouch not as snug as is the case with the typical jockstrap. You won't notice this so much if you are using the top opening, but when you go to the lower opening, you really feel a lot of movement with the harness. It's not as snug as you might like and there isn't a way to adjust the snugness of the front pouch.

    Maximum hip size:
    Maximum waist size:
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    The Deuce is very easy to put on and to take off. The straps connect with velcro, which is easily adjusted to your size. It is also fairly easy to insert the dildo (or your penis) into the openings. As mentioned, it is comfortable wearing it. Regrettably, I did not get to try it out for a double penetration, but that would be a challenge given that the lower opening doesn't hold the dildo in as snuggly as the upper opening does. Guys can probably do it best by inserting themselves in to the lower opening and the dildo into the upper one. The upper hole definitely gives you more of a sense of control when you are topping. The lesser sense of control is a bit of a problem for the lower hole, which is better positioned for anal. Also, because the dildo isn't really locked in place (its held by the tightness of the fabric and the opening), you don't want to do particularly acrobatic moves with this. The dildos simply won't stay in place for that. The Deuce is at it's best for gender play. The combination of the jockstrap look and the dildo in place is very hot indeed.

    Special Features:
    • Waterproof
  • Care and Maintenance:

    It's best to put this in the wash after use. Be careful about putting it in the dryer since that will degrade the spandex as well as the velcro.

  • Packaging:

    The packaging was about as simple as you can get- just a clear bag. You won't need it- just store it in your underwear draw. There were no instructions for this, and since I haven't seen may harness with two slots for dildos, I was a bit curious to see what their suggestions would be on use. However, just like Nike says, you gotta just do it to figure it out.

  • Personal comments:

    The Deuce is actually a fairly versatile toy. I'd love to hear if any of you succeed with using it for double penetration. However, even if that's not on your menu, it gives you options as to where you position the dildo (higher or lower), and I love the jockstrap look. Just be open to the possibilities with this one and you will enjoy it.

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