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  • King pin smooth - Dildo
  • King pin smooth - Dildo
  • King pin smooth - Dildo
  • King pin smooth - Dildo
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Illuminate your pleasure with this wonderful Radiant Gems series probe courtesy of Doc Johnson™. Smooth and super soft, the dildo starts with a small knobbed head that is great for initial penetration and stimulation, while the shaft gradually increases in thickness as it approaches the rounded base. This base features a concave bottom with suction capabilities for most hard surfaces.

The shaft itself is solid, ensuring powerful and reliable thrusting, but at the same time remains quite flexible, allowing for comfortable movement and easier control. Made of the fantastic Sil-a-Gel formula, this piece is completely non-toxic and anti-bacterial, while also being latex and cadmium free, promising safe and continued play. Beautifully colored and pleasantly scented, the King Pin is primed to rule over your intimate delights.

Catalog ID: DJ097002

  • Properties

    Safety features:
    Anti-bacterial property / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Insertable length:
    5 1/2"
    1 3/4"
    7 oz

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    Customer comments

    • anonymous
      Was interested in tring anal, first time ,with a toy. The Kingpin was a great way to start the head is the size of your finger. Using Astogilde for lube, starting with finger fun, then Kingpin OMG, the knob is great the shaft smooth and nicely tapered no problem sliding down the shaft and back up. The base has some suction power wish it had more of a flare for more suction and hands free movement. Its very comfortable and fun to be with.
    • anonymous
      Also first time anal fun ever. The small tip helped sell me on tring anal. Astroglide for lube esaed in a finger not bad. Lubed up King Pin, it was a little floppy but once I got the tip in, the slight taper felt great not to big for first timer. The tip/knob is finger size and tapers out to maybe 2 fingers near the base. Lots of lube and going slow I was soon going full strokes and loving it. Pulling out everyonce in awhile to relube. The knob gives a nice little something on the way out/in. Found the Astroglide gel stays where you put it on the toy and does not run down like the liquid. Helps keep things less messy. Would like the base to have a suction cup, so I could use my hands for other pleasures while riding the King.
    • anonymous
      Girl friend talked me into tring anal , I was a little concerned on a number of levels. Her finger playing with my anal opening,during oral sex was one thing , pushing something in was something else. We talked and looked at a number of toys, the kingpin was the least scary for me because of the small tip. A fun shower with a little fingering and oral, a few glasses of wine she said I was ready. In the 69 position more oral, I felt what I thought was her finger but turned out to be the Kingpin. Well lubed she started slow then work the whole length in/out. Between her tounge and the Kingpin movement I went crazy begging her to go faster with the Kingpin till I was spent. She showed how deep she was going and I was amazed that it didn't hurt at all. After that oral and the kingpin go hand and butt everytime. Slow and lube are the trick, I'm glad she talked me into anal, we are looking for something a little bigger. She would a harness so she do me the right way, she says.
    • anonymous
      Girl friend said turn about was fair play, so she was pretty insiteance about doing me from the back. I wanted no part in it. After some talking and looking at different toys the Kingpin looked the least like a mans dong and started out very small. Which made me feel less uneasy about the whole thing. After some partying and hot shower with oral and some anal touching the Kingpin made its enterance so to speak. She had me so turned on I didn't care. After the water games, we continued touching. She lubed up the Kingpin and my butt I couldn't believe how great it felt and how turned on I was. The Kingpin is great fun. I liked it so much I've tryed it by myself, the shaft is almost to flexable, or I'm to excited. Once in the tapered shaft is in it is very comfortable and smooth, long strokes are great ,the tip lets you know when you are at the end of the stroke. The Kingpin does have a rubber smell, but once things start moving who cares. The Kingpin cleans up easy and holds lube well also. I'm glad she talked me into the Kingpin to start with. I'm thinking maybe something a little larger and straighter. The ringed dong maybe, it looks like first timers like it and it does not look a mans dong.
    • anonymous
      Anal curosity, between porn movies and reading the stories of how great it feels decided to give a try. Finger and lube were OK but not the big thrill seen and read about. Looked for a toy, after reading these reviews purchased the Kingpin. Started with lube and finger ,lubed up the KING a little tricky to get it started the shaft is very flexable going sole. Once started the tip/knob felt nice popping into place . Going slow the tapered shaft very slowly streched my opening , it felt very comfortable. Removed to relube again the tip felt nice exiting. Reentery was easier the base is large enough to hold onto ,don't think it would disappear. The movement for me to bring the tip almost all the way out till I felt it touch the top muslce a little tug then back in. Longer strokes when I got the ryhume. Used Astroglide for lube as reviewers did worked well. Relubing not really nessasacry. The Kingpin opened me up and opened my mind to anal pleasure. The base has some but not a lot of suction power. Tried various positions, the base seems to hold when the Kingpin is straight up and down, good for long strokes. It will not stay attached to wall or shower walls a little disapointting. Looking for somthing with some more bumps or ridges yet small diameter. The tip seems to bring me the most pleaseure.
    • anonymous
      First timer to Anal. The Kingpin's small tip and gentle taper and flexable shaft helped sell me on this product. The scent was strong. Washed it a dozen times still strong.Worked up the nerve to try anal with a few friends help. Lots of lube (Astroglide gel) ,foreplay. Between the three of us one keeping me worked up,the other lubing me up and fingering my opening. The King as it's now called was pushed in and pushed me over the top. The tip felt great as it was tuged to a stop at the top muscle but not past it. The tapered shaft streched me so gently I was unaware that I went from one finger to two in a few strokes. The flared bottom appears to be large enough not to slip in, a larger flare would give more piece of mind. Clean up was a brezze. Friends are looking for harness toy next . The King will not work in harness. The bottom also does not stick well to surfaces, tried when there was only two of us disappointed. Great first time toy to help build confidence that anal doesn't hurt and really feels good. Use lots of lube. Tried using the King sole because I needed it. The shaft is almost to flexable, it took a few tries before I got it in. Once in, I was on my way.
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