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Para jandia

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The Para Jandia is a stone dildo with ridges along its shaft and a pronounced head meant for your pleasure. Its ridges each are gradually bigger than the one previously inserted, their girths increasing just slightly as you reach the base. Even when not used internally, the toy is an absolutely beautiful piece of art, and can be admired from afar.


Exquisite design, curves and ridges have intense feeling, weighty stone, nature-like.


Neck near back could be thinner, and base could be wider for safe anal use.

Best use:

The Para Jandia is best used vaginally, as its ridges and curvaceous head give great internal stimulation. With each ridge moving into your body, you'll feel a fuller and fuller feeling, as every ridge increases in girth; vaginally is basically its only use, too. The neck near the base isn't thin enough to be safely used anally, other than by very experienced and cautious anal players.

Stone is much heavier than glass, therefore it should be used with caution. The Para Jandia is also fairly girthy and long, and some people have trouble with toys of such caliber hitting their cervix. Know your body and what you can take, and do not force the toy into yourself if it starts hurting in a bad way. If a partner is using the Para Jandia on you, which some people prefer to sway away from because it can be dangerous, make sure that you give them signs and tell them how it feels, because stone is nonyielding.
  • Material / Texture:

    Running fingers along its lovely body, I could feel that the texture of the heavy stone was smooth, like metal, ceramic, or glass. It has no give to it, of course, so a smaller, lighter toy of a similar material may be a better choice before diving into the Para Jandia (or letting it dive into you). For those who enjoy the feel of hard, cold/hot materials, then this stone dildo is perfect, allowing you to feel that weighty, smooth, ridged texture inside of you.

    Stone, of course, has no taste, so if you wanted to either try this in your mouth or in someone else's for thrusting action, it would work very well (just make sure that you have a tight grip). It does, however, have this odd scent that I was very surprised to smell. It was almost like damp earth, but it was extremely strong and astringent.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    Hard, cold stone, molded and shaped into four ridges increasing in girth along the shaft and a bulbous, oblong head, makes this luxury dildo a beauty to behold. The stone is this marbled coloring of tans, grays, and browns, which comes together to make a different shading from most of what's out there. It's comparable to some types of marbled silicone, which you must have an acquired taste to enjoy.

    Though there is a little head at the tip, this toy is not meant to be realistic. It's meant to give you a calming feeling as it moves into you, and it's meant to allow you to feel its upraised, slightly curved ridges. It also isn't a very big toy, but there is a reason for that - stone has no give to it, so it's more difficult to get used to, in terms of size and design (since the ridges are so deep).

    The full length of the Para Jandia is 7 1/2", the shaft portion being 5" and the head about 1 1/2". It might seem like it's not very lengthy, but once you feel the heavy, firm stone, you'll know that there's a damn good reason why it's not overly large, like the Eleven (you need to be experienced to use that toy). The smallest diameter of the toy is almost 1 1/2", and the largest is about 1 3/4". The ridges increase very subtly to the base, which dips down to just 1 1/4". I do not find the dip to be thin enough to be safely used anally, other than by experienced anal players.

    7 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    4 3/4"
    1 1/2"
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    The Para Jandia works just as its design would suggest it does. Since the head at the toy's tip is so rounded, it's very easy to insert when used with any of your favorite lubricant. Its ridges, upon movement, can be felt internally and are extremely intense. There are plenty of firm silicone toys with deep ridges like the Para Jandia's, but none are comparable. Stone is unyielding, and gives a completely different sensation than toys that are flexible. It's a great toy to try if you have already been acquainted with glass or metal toys, as it's a step up from the smooth lines most have. It's also a lot heavier, meaning more weight to feel dragging on you.

    I do think that the Para Jandia would be a bit better if the neck near the base were thinner, and the base wider. This would make it perfect for anal play, since the current design doesn't really allow for that (unless you're extremely careful and experienced with such play).

  • Care and Maintenance:

    Stone, like metal and glass toys, can be used with any lubricant. If silicone's your favorite, go ahead and slather it on the Para Jandia for ease of use. It's also very easy to clean as it can be either rinsed off when not used between multiple partners, and can aloso be boiled or wiped with a 10% bleach solution for sanitation. Before using the Para Jandia, always check for any cracks or imperfections, and also rinse the toy off with some warm water. Do not use the Para Jandia irresponsibly because it can either be damaged or damage other things.

    I suggest using its original packaging for storage. If you find that the tin box doesn't fit your fancy, or you prefer a padded drawstring bag, make sure that you recycle it. Whatever you store the toy in, make sure that it's well-padded and out of direct sunlight. Also make sure that it's stored somewhere where it will not accidentally fall onto the floor and break.

  • Packaging:

    The packaging is very simple and cleanly done, with a tin box bearing their logo. Inside, there is a Styrofoam bead pillow sitting under the Para Jandia and a piece of soft foam sitting on top. The box is completely sealed, meaning that you cannot see what's inside of it, so it can definitely be gifted as well as used for discreet storage. There were no instructions on how to clean or take care of the toy, which was a bit upsetting since Edenfantasys doesn't have the cleaning method listed on their site either.

  • Personal comments:

    What I love about stone is that, like wood materials, it brings in a sort of earthy tone to a beautiful dildo. There are tons of different variations and colors, all of which have this exotic look that's hard to describe. I feel that if used in a forest-setting erotic photo shoot, they would bring something different to the table.

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