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Sugar Dildo by Soju
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Stylish and delicately contoured, the Sugar dildo comes with a similarly sleek acrylic stand-we wish more dildos would free up some space in the drawer - and is highly pleasurable despite its simple design; this is mostly due to the silicone material Sugar is made of, which aside from its wonderfully firm yet flexible feel is also odor-free and easy-to-clean.

On top of that, the properties of silicone are such that it retains warmth and coldness, kinda like a thermos, and this can add a whole new dimension to your sex life.

The shaft is curved and wider at the base for a firmer grip which helps you direct the pressure while the rest of it is smooth and rounded.

This dong is waterproof and anal-safe, and all that adds up to a dildo you can be proud to display on your nightstand. Its versatility and wide range of uses also makes it a great gift!

Catalog ID: SUGBL1

  • Properties

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    1 5/8"
    0.5 lb
    Special Features:
    • Waterproof

See Sugar image.

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    • gunsmoke
      My wife has been a vibrator lover - favoring the rabbit style because "she has something to hold on to (inside)". That made me think of a dildo instead. We took the plunge with this rather expensive silicone model - we very pleased with the results. My wife says it has a great smooth "subtle" feel that felt great as I stroked it for her. Great look, great feel, great design - we couldn't ask for more.
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