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Dirty talk Book by Chronicle Books
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Inside the red velvet cover of this naughty guide you'll find a host of information on dirty talk. Worded and structured to put novices at ease while still letting the accomplished flip through to the "good parts", it has a bit of something for everyone.

Included are tips on getting over nervousness, tried-and-true sources of inspiration, and how to take dirty talk out of familiar confines like the bedroom for even more racy fun.

Pick it up and leave it laying out in the open after you read it; it will inspire a sexy discussion between you and your lover all on it's own.

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    Lynne Stanton
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    Chronicle Books
    Publication date:
    2006 year
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    7 1/4"

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    • On Bended Knee
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.4/10

      The book is also full of tons of examples of one-liners to get your started, including role playing and communicating fantasies. You can play innocent or try your hand at being the boss. The plus for a beginner is that the scripted one-liners are not particularly filthy.

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