The Dirty weekender kit is presented by Lover's Choice Inc. (manufacturer) and EdenFantasys.

Dirty weekender kit DVD by Lover's Choice Inc.
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"Turn your weekend into a wild and playful adventure you'll never forget. Inside you will find an exotic array of products that will let you escape into a world of sexual pleasures..." That's what it says on the box, and we don't intend to argue with that. This is one of the most sexually and creatively inspirational kits we've come across, and here's what in it:

1. Chocolate flavored massage oil - just what it sounds like, and it's edible! Don't rush the application process - exploring your partner's body with your hands can be a sensually thrilling experience for the both of you.

2. Sizzling body candy™ - these delicious strawberry flavored treats are yet another way to combine food with sex. You know you love it.

3. Bliss balm™ - this delightfully cooling balm is mandarin and mint flavored for both his and her pleasure.

4. Candles - these are excellent for enhancing the mood with a little dim lighting.

5. Bondage tie - this sensual black satin bondage tie is the perfect vehicle for a tantalizing foray into the world of S&M.

6. Spinner card - this game card is our favorite part of the package and has a wide range of fun activities like "give oral pleasure," "perform a sexy striptease" and "take a steamy shower together."

Now that we're finally done going through all the items in this kit, take our advice: get creative and even engage in some role playing in the bedroom and you'll be surprised at how much more fulfilling your time together can be

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