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Let your lover know who is in charge with the Double Slapper from Topco & TLC's new Fetish line. This 12" leatherette paddle has a sweet heart shaped center surrounded by merciless metal studs. This paddle is double layered so each spank is lusty and loud.

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    • Lady Neshamah
      Writer, rank 6.2/10

      The Double Slapper is a loud little bugger that it very cute too. You can get a lot of sound out of it without having to put much force into the impact. This is a great toy for a sub that likes the crack but not the pain

    • coupling couple
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      Great little toy for beginners or someone looking for a portable spanker. We really adore this little slapper and definitely recommend it for those interested in testing the waters of spanking. This has definitely spurred us to try a little more imposing spankers in the future.

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