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Double up harness

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Wherein the giver is also the receiver: if you're looking for more sensation during harness play and want to feel like you're being fucked while dishing out a good fucking, this is the harness for you. As long as you're willing to adjust the straps and mind the holes sizes for the toys, it is totally worth it for the variety of experiences this harness offers. You can even be locked into wearing it with toys inserted. So many possibilities!


Vaginal and anal slots for the wearer and a hole for the receiver's strap on. Very well made.


Learning curve - some people might be intimidated by trying use with all 3 toys in place.

Best use:

This harness is super versatile - It has 3 holes for toys: 2 holes for the wearer (vaginal and anal) and one for the receiver. Use it with a dildo and anal toy inserted while giving pleasure to your partner, use it with just a strap on dildo inserted - use it with a dildo and anal toy inside you while fucking your partner - pretty awesome! It can even be locked for power play - meaning, you put the dildo and anal toys through the holster, strap it on, and you can be locked into the harness! There's even a leather cover, for when not using the strap on dildo hole. All three buckles have loops that will accommodate a small pad lock. This harness has potential for really imaginative play on any level.
  • Material:

    Leather, of all firmnesses. (Yes, that may not be a real word) The leather of the straps is strong and thick, but the leather that runs between your legs is more supple, as well as the leather that presses against the mons. The leather cover for the front is thin and soft. The leather all feels strong, only the thickness and texture vary. All of the metal hardware is shiny and smooth. No rough edges anywhere. It smells like leather, of course - but not overwhelmingly so.

    Material safety
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

    So well made! This simple and functional harness is very sturdy, The holes on the straps are made to perfectly work with the loop ended prong - there's no chance of slippage. The G-strap is easy to use. Everything has been made for the harness, not bought then purposed. It shows in how smooth and safe the execution is for all the parts. The holes for the toys are sturdy and smooth. There are two straps on the G-strap that goes between your legs, one has the holes and the other goes underneath it to hold the toys in. Very smart. Be aware though, the holes for the wearer only accommodate toys of 1 inch girth for the anal toy and 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" for the vaginal toy. One drawback for some people might be that there is no O-ring. You cannot use the strap on front hole with toys that have a small base, you need a flared base of at least 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Small dildos that aren't meant for use in a variety of harnesses won't work. I initially thought this would be a problem, but once I secured the harness on tightly against my body, it wasn't. It's meant to be snug, and the dildo will be held against your body.

  • Size / Fit:

    I am a big girl - so when I was told to get the size 'Large' by the harness maker, Carrie Gray - I asked "are you sure?" I normally wear XL or XXL. She was right though. I even have 2 loops to spare on each side strap on the Large. And on the G-strap, I have 3 loops out of the 4 tightened. That's a lot of spare room. I realized that this works best when snug, meaning tight to my body but not to the point of chafing. Especially when using toys for the wearer, it has to be snug. I would venture to say this would fit women sizes 8/10 - 26/28 (I shit you not). There are 14 buckle holes on each side strap - this is one size friendly harness.

    Maximum hip size:
    Maximum waist size:
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 3/4"
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    I tried this on over clothes first and found it pretty easy to adjust the straps. When using it 'for real' and fully loaded, meaning 2 toys for the wearer and 1 for the receiver, you can do it yourself, but it's way easier with a partner. For the review, I made sure I could do it myself. I put the 3 toys in, sat on the edge of the bed, and with just the one side strap undone, I pulled it on much like pants. Then I got the toys inserted by bending at the knee, then straightened my legs and held them while buckling the right side. Leave the side undone of what ever hand you're best with - I'm right-handed. After I got it buckled, I straightened the strap on dildo and tightened the buckled one more hole. Done!

    It performs great - I suggest a test run with the toys for the wearer though. You may find you need one toy longer than you'd think, because it settles lower on my pubic bone, I went with a longer dildo and a comfortable buttplug. The strap on stayed put except when I squatted down, then it created a little bit of a space when the leather moved out from my body and the dildo shifted. I stood up and it was fine. Kneeling is fine, lying down is fine, standing is fine. But remember, your body type might be different from mine - so it depends on you, really. Just adjust those straps!

  • Care and Maintenance:

    I wiped the harness down with a warm wet cloth after lightly misting it with an antibacterial toy cleaner. Then I rubbed it with a dry towel. Aslan recommends the moist cloth with some soap (dish soap or leather cleaner) to wipe it clean, then wiping off the soap with a moist cloth and drying it completely with a cloth. You can also buy leather cleaning products - but I feel comfortable using the cleaning method I described. If leather shows wear or cracks, you should buy a leather conditioner. If you want to prevent tarnishing, you can coat all of the metal rivets with clear nail polish.

    Never wear this in the shower or submerge it in water. Never out it away wet. You can gently fold the harness when dry and store it in coll dry place away from light and heat - such as in a bag, drawer or bin.

    All Aslan Leather products have a manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee. If it breaks during normal wear or is defective, they will repair or replace it.

  • Packaging:

    The harness came in a sealed plastic bad with a care tag on it form the manufacturer - the tag gives cleaning instructions and declares the Lifetime Warranty. There is also contact info for Aslan Leather.

  • Personal comments:

    There are so many possibilities with this harness - for power exchange, chastity play, really hot strap on sex and more. It's awesome. To reiterate what I said in Design and in Performance - girthy toys with a wide base for the receiver, slimmer / less girthy toys for the wearer. The holes may stretch for the wearer a little bit - but I wouldn't push it too much.

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
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