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Set the mood with these lovely faux flower petals; infused with both pheromones and hibiscus scent to stimulate the senses.

Sprinkle a trail leading to the bedroom, float in a sensual bath, or adorn your favorite love hideaway and enjoy the fragrance they provide. The perfect way to set the stage for a sensual night in, these soft purple petals will give your lover the subtle hint that you're in the mood.

Eden Pheromone Seduction Petals also come with a small idea card full of sexy ideas on using them.

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    • Lon
      Due to the fact alot of stuff got thrown out last year cuz of a pest problem they were accidently thrown out without my knowledge. I didn't know until the next morning when i returned to my apartment to discover that the front parking lot was covered with these petals!! T_T I've returned to edens site to replace them (even after having these petals for a few years they still worked and smelled like new since i've kept them in its container) , only to discover that this product has been discontinued! Please help put in requests to have this product returned and sold on this website! This is a great product to help couples get and STAY in the mood!
    • Smallnoise
      I liked this product a lot. The sent is very strong and will fill up the whole room. I thought it smelled very good and my partner said that it put him in the mood right away. The other cute thing about this product is a little suggestion card inside of it that subjects unique ways to use the silk petals. The price is definitely right. I would recommend this to anyone, with the exception of people who are sensitive to strong perfumes.
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