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Ember Massage candle by Jimmyjane
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The Ember by JimmyJane is an absolutely fabulous candle in every way. Even if Honey and Vetiver is not for you, it comes in a variety of other scents to please your senses. The smooth, luxurious wax on your or your lover's body is sure to the the cherry on top of any romantic night. I recommend the Ember to anyone who loves candles or massages.

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  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Soy wax
    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    When in its solid state the wax of the Ember is soft (not squishy, but if you pressed it hard enough it would dent) and the scent rubs off on your finger if you touch it. When melted, it has a rich and luxurious feel. Because of the spout, the wax pours very easily with very minimal dribbling down the side. It is a liquid, so it obviously moves a bit once it's on the skin's surface. Don't pour onto a part of the body with a lot of slope. The wax will remain smooth as long as there is friction keeping it warm or until it is absorbed into the skin. If you end your massage and there is still some wax on the skin, it does form a residue with a little bit of a drag. Not sticky, just draggy. This goes away in about 10-15 minutes or so. While in this stage, it can be reactivated by more massage, though it doesn't go completely back to its original smoothness.
  • Taste / Aroma

    Ginger + date
    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    The scent I received was Vetiver and Honey. I know, what the heck is vetiver? Well, vetiver oil is an essential oil cultivated from the roots vetiver grass, native to Japan, Haiti and India. It's scent can be described as deep, sensual and woodsy but with tones of sweetness and amber. Vetiver is the main scent in the candle. The honey is not very noticeable but lightens up the overall mood of the scent. When I first put my nose to the candle, it just smelled like soap to me, but now that I have burned it several times and gotten familiar with the scent, I've come to know and love the balance and sensuality of the aromas. The scent is fairly androgynous and can be appreciate by both men and women. Jimmyjane describes this scent with: "The woody balsam notes of aged Vetiver are softened by thick amber Honey, creating a welcome hush. This pair of aphrodisiac scents gathers secrets within its deep shadows."

    The Ember comes in several other scents, all pairings of aphrodisiacs to create different sensual moods.
  • Performance

    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    The Ember boasts up to 72 hours of burning time. Burning time can be optimized by allowing the entire top of the candle to melt each time you use it. My candle does have one side that doesn't completely melt, no matter how long I burn it. The wick looks very slightly off-center, but I didn't notice that until I inspected it very closely. I just used a small knife to scrape the unmelted wax off the side and place it in the middle to melt.

    The Ember requires very little clean up. It doesn't need to be washed off; just let it absorb into the skin. If some wax spills on a hard surface, simply wipe it up with a paper towel. If it spills on carpet, upholstery, bed sheets, or clothing, one trick to clean it up is to put an ice pack or bag of ice cubes on the spill to make it harden and then scrape up the pieces. The oils may create grease stains.
  • Packaging

    12 fl.oz.
    2 lb
    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    The packaging for the Ember is so impressive. It's totally sleek and sophisticated and made of sturdy, thick paperboard. The outside of the packaging is a white sleeve (as pictured in the product description) with the scent and Jimmyjane's name and logo imprinted on the front. A description of the scent and the candle's specs are printed on the top of the sleeve. There are two indents to pull out a black box which houses the candle. There is foam padding protecting both the candle and the small lid accompanying it.

    The packaging creates a beautiful presentation, so it would make a perfect gift. It also allows for safe travel for your candle, in case you move or want to take it on a sexy vacation. (Disclaimer: Check with the hotel/lodging first about rules regarding burning candles.) I'm holding onto the foam padding so I can just tape them back in place when I move in a few months.

    The included package insert is a little booklet of burning, use and safety instructions and ingredients in English, French, Spanish, and German. The information is very through, but oddly the ingredients of my scent were not included (7 others were), so I had to email Jimmyjane's customer service to find mine out. They were very good about getting back to me in a timely manner.
  • Special Features

    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    The porcelain encasing the Ember is extremely sophisticated and completely reusable. It is opaque, but once the candle gets to a lower level, the flame creates a glow through the sides. When the candle is all used up, it can be washed out with soap and water. You could then use it as a holder for another free-standing candle or a vessel for other massage oils (You could even make your own).

    It also comes with a small plate that can be used to either cover the candle while not in use to protect from dust or underneath the candle while burning it to protect your furniture.
  • Personal comments

    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    As far as safety: Never leave candles burning unattended. Keep them out of reach of pets or children. Always burn candles on a sturdy and level surface like a table or desk, never put them ON the bed. Keep candles a safe distance from combustible objects. The porcelain container may be hot while the candle is lit, so blow it out or be extremely careful if you want to move it. Do not put hot wax on sensitive body parts. The wax is for external use only and should not be used as lubricant.
  • Experience

    LikeSunshineDust's opinion
    I didn't get to see my boyfriend at all while I was working on this assignment, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this fabulous candle. I gave myself a few wonderful hand massages. Just a little dribble (or a few finger-dips) was needed to massage both hands for over 30 minutes. Winter dryness is never kind to my hands, so the oils in the wax were deeply appreciated and left my skin very soft and hydrated.
  • Other

    Burn time:
    72 hr
    4 1/2"
    2 3/4"
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