Erotic Dancing For Your Lover – impress your man with sultry movements

Erotic Dancing For Your Lover DVD by Ultimate
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Learn the techniques of Seductive Dance...Discover Sensuous Moves That Can Stimulate The Senses, Intensify Desire, and Enrich Fantasies.

Drive your man wild with a sultry striptease. Learn the secret pleasure of the "Private Dance". Every woman - regardless of age, shape or experience - can discover her own seductive power and build her sexual self-confidence. Follow our expert instructor of erotic dance and her class of 6 real women. Watch as they learn how to perform the striptease with grace, style and confidence. After each dance routine you'll see students put "the moves" on their real life partner. Watch in explicit detail the sexual impact certain moves have. Discover firsthand how erotic dancing can add variety and deepen intimacy in a couple's relationship.

Bonus: Original Music Score Included!

Seduction: Erotic Dance Rhythms music CD is an inspiring collection of pulsating songs guaranteed to get your body moving to the sensuous beat. Create your own provocative performance for your lover tonight. This sensuous and flirtatious music is sure to set your imagination dancing and put your partner in the mood for love.

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    • Yeah, I was a little disappointed. Would love to learn more of the actual erotic dancing to go along with. Does anyone have any suggestions to a better dvd?
    • I was hoping to learn erotically but from what everyone ways it doesn't focus on the dancing as much as the sex aspect so maybe another video is better
      Hmmm...Might be better as a book. Too bad it doesn't look like the reviewers think it's descriptive on the lesson aspect, and maybe it may not be so much of a good thing that it focuses more on the sex. But it's probably good at teaching one something! I'll still give it a try!
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