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Erotic Massage: The Touch of Love DVD DVD by Secret Garden Publishing
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Now the Erotic Massage book comes to life with sexual massage embracing the whole body and the spirit. Designed to complement the step-by-step massage instruction in the book, this DVD demonstrats the grace, the flow, the sensual pleasure of massage.

The exotic voice of Dr. Ava Cadell guides you into a world where the sensual, the sexual, and the spiritual are one.

For Lovers: the female and male genital massage strokes, plus feathers and more.

For Everyone: The back, the feet, the neck, the face and more.

Produced and demonstrated by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D., certified sexologist and certified masseur.

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    Secret Garden Publishing
    Kenneth Ray Stubbs
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    Number of Discs:
    60 mins.
    Release Date:
    January 1, 2003
    Secret Garden Publishing
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      A lot of the massage techniques demonstrated in this video are pretty universal, and sure the female narrator's commentary was a bit corny at times. But my husband and I found the genital massage segment very useful. We learned a few new techniques. It's definately worth viewing.
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