Erotic Moods Vol 1 – an enchanting soundscape for intimacy and passion

Erotic Moods Vol 1 CD by Neurodisc
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Erotic Moods is a sensual musical journey created and inspired by romance. An ethereal, rhythmic and lush collection of compositions that drip with sexuality. Like a fine elexir, Erotic Moods goes down slow and smooth, sending pulses into the red. A production style that combines the essence of Enya, Enigma, Deep Forest, and Moodswings to create a sound that is the perfect accent to any romantic or erotic encounter. Inspirational, seductive, and enchanting, Erotic Moods is to a romantic setting what a perfect wine is to a gourmet meal. Music that soothes the soul, warms the heart and stimulates the senses.


1. The Awakening

2. Sahara Sun

3. Midnight Clear

4. The Heart Given

5. Hush

6. Pacifica

7. Tranquil Shelter

8. Spring Song

9. The Sound of Love

10. In Your Arms

11. Islas Malvinas

12. Autumn's Song

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