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Luna mini pleasure bead system

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The Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System by Lelo has everything the original offers and does so while better accommodating beginners to the world of vaginal exercisers. With four weighted balls designed to meet the user's level of comfort and pelvic floor strength, this is a great set for your purchase. If you’re someone who isn’t a size queen and would prefer a smaller kegel ball that isn’t at an advanced level, then this is a dream in body safe materials.


Interchangeable weights, small diameter, great for beginners & intermediate users.


Sound of balls is noticeable, harness drags & pinches.

Best use:

The Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System, similarly to its slightly larger counterpart the Luna Pleasure Beads, is best suited for those who have female sex organs. These vaginal balls are made to help strengthen the pelvic floor. Many know kegel exercisers primarily for their benefits in terms of sexual satisfaction. By this I am referring to the wearers the ability to grip their partners penis during penetration after having enough practice with this type of exerciser, as well as providing stronger, easier to obtain orgasms during partner or solo play. What you might not know is that these are also great for health reasons, especially for women post-childbirth. Kegel balls help the wearer to improve any problems with urinary incontinence that can occur, while also tightening the vaginal canal which might have experienced some wear after child bearing.

The great thing about vaginal exercisers is that they are discreet and can be used in the form of an actual workout; standing or squatting for a few sets, clenching your PC muscles until you are done, then proceeding to remove them. Another option that is very convenient for those on the go is that these can be worn during day to day activities with very little concentration on the user's part. This is because kegel balls contain a small, weighty, ball inside of them that moves around as you do, causing your vaginal muscles to react subconsciously, thus allowing you to work out your pelvic floor while washing dishes or at work.

One precaution the purchaser of this system must be aware of, however, is that this is not a toy that should be used anally. Yes, there is a string attached, but there is no stopper, nor is anal play the intended use of this product. Choosing to use the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads in this manner can and will likely lead to an embarrassing trip to the hospital that should be avoided.
  • Material / Texture:

    This system is made of three materials, or four if you want to include the weighted ball inside of the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads. But, as the weight is safely and securely encased within its plastic shell, it will not be touching your body and therefore is not a worry in terms of hygiene.

    The first material the four smooth balls are made of Body Safe ABS plastic. They do not smell, nor do they have any taste to them. The material is firm with no give or drag. One ball of each weight/color contains a retraction leash for easy removal. This leash seems to made of nylon, and is held sturdily in place from inside of the plastic ball. There is no stretch provided by this leash, so removal should be relatively easy. If you do not feel safe using just the leash for removal and are new to vaginal exercisers, you can place these in a condom before using and pull them out with the contraceptive's base when you’re done. Lastly, the harness where you can easily exchange and place the balls into is made of silicone. This is smooth and plush with a bit of stretch, but does contain a bit of drag which can be felt upon insertion. Both the ABS plastic and silicone are non-porous, phthalates free materials, making them ultra safe for your body.

    Plastic / Silicone
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    If you’re beginner at using kegel balls, then this is your new best friend; should you be an intermediate user, the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads is still a great deal. Beginners will love the size that makes these easy to insert, while intermediates will enjoy the multitude of interchangeable weights. Let me explain. If you may be wondering what makes these Luna Beads any different from the original, the difference is in the balls. There is no difference in terms of weight, according to Lelo's site: both systems contain two sets of weighted balls that are powder blue and petal pink. Both Luna systems balls are 28 grams each of the petal pink and 37 grams each of the powder blue. Are you wondering where the ‘mini’ comes into effect? Well here are the measurements for the Luna Original and Luna Mini.
    Original Luna Pleasure Bead System: Length: 3 1/2 inches, circumference: 4 1/2 inches,
    insertable length: 3 inches.

    Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System: Length: 4 3/4 inches, circumference: 3 3/4 inches, insertable Length: 2 3/4 inches unstretched, 3 1/4 inches stretched, retractable leash length: 2 inches, harness middle length: 1/2 inch unstretched, 3/4 inch stretched.

    As you can see from the measurements the Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System contains smaller weighted balls then the original, leading to a half an inch difference in circumference. This should help with easier insertion for those who feel the regular Luna Beads are too large. The silicone harness contains a thin, short middle that is not uncomfortable and should provide ease when inserting each section. My apologies for not providing a circumference for this portion of the set, but it was too small for my measuring tape to wrap around.

    For those of you who might be new to this system in general, the balls are easy to change out depending on your weight preference. The first thing you should notice is that there is only one retraction leash featured on each weighted set. There is also one small hole located on the harness. Place the ball of your choosing that has the leash at its end inside of this section of the harness, and thread the leash into the hole. The balls will fit snugly in place within the harness, but should not be too much trouble to remove and exchange once you feel ready to do so.

    If you are planning to travel with this set, there is something you should know or at least be prepared for. This is not the quietest set of kegel exercisers. While they are small and should fit in a suitcase just fine, I would recommend keeping them somewhere secure where they would not move around too much. While I was walking home from the post office with them, still in the postal package and secured within my backpack, mind you, it was quite noticeable that I had something rolling around in there. The noise is less prevalent once these are inserted as long as you’re somewhere with activity occurring.

    Baby blue / Pink / White
    Insertable length:
    3 3/4"
    1 1/8"
    0.3 lb
  • Performance:

    What I liked best about this system was how wonderfully it performed, and its slim but weighty fit. Having used vaginal exercisers in the past, I have found that some of them can be uncomfortable to insert due to their large diameter. That was not the case with the Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Beads. This was comfortable and easy to insert; if not for the weighted balls, I could have forgotten this was inside of me altogether.

    Most importantly, though, a kegel exerciser must be effective in working out one's PC muscles. In this case, Lelo once again did not disappoint. Having slacked on my kegel exercises until recently, the first day in use I had to use my muscles and pull the leash in order to remove the Pleasure Beads. By the time I changed the weights to one powder blue and one petal pink, I was able to remove the system only using my internal muscles. Granted, I would take into account I am not a beginner and this is not my first set but, as I said before, it has been a bit since that last time I used a toy of this nature.

    Something that might bother the wearer, besides the jingling balls, is the harness. Now when I give this warning, please remember that everyone’s anatomy is different and I tend to be sensitive. I found that the drag of the silicone, combined with the portion where the harness meets the balls, to feel like a pinch when inserting this into my vagina. This was not so bad that it deterred me from use, but did lend pause to the insertion process, as I had to readjust in order to make myself more comfortable. Once again this might not happen to everyone.
    28 Grams+28 Grams= 2 Petal Pink Balls

    28 Grams + 37 Grams= 1 Powder Blue & 1 Petal Pink Ball

    37 Grams + 37 Grams= 2 Powder Blue Balls

    Special Features:
    • Premium
    • Travel kit
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Due to the fact that this product is made of both plastic and silicone I would not, under any circumstances, use any lubricant that is not water based. Silicone lube on the silicone harness will cause a deterioration of your purchase. In general, oil based lubes cannot be absorbed by the body and would need to be flushed out after use. This isn’t generally something most will want to worry about after using a kegel exerciser, so once again use only water based lubricants with this toy.

    When cleaning the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads, only the silicone harness is going to be boilable and dishwasher safe. Luckily, since the system does break off into interchangeable parts, it is possible to do this. The four balls included in this set are plastic, so boiling them would ruin your Beads. You can clean the whole system using antibacterial soap and hot water. Lelo strongly suggests that you do not use any items that contain alcohol, petrol, or acetone.

    As for storage, there are several options available. You can place them in the nondescript box to which they have their own encasing. This will keep them safe and snug. If you don’t want to take up too much room or just want to use the box for something else, the black satin pouch is another nifty storage container provided by the manufacturer. But, if you’re traveling and fear the noise these might make while storing them, I would recommend placing them in a padded pouch such as the Don Wands Drawstring Padded Pouch. This way while on a trip they’ll be safe, secure, and quiet, since they do tend to jingle about when left to their own devices. Lelo asks that you make sure the Beads avoid direct sunlight, are kept in a dust free place away from toys of other materials, and are never exposed to extreme heat.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    The Luna Mini Pleasure Beads come to you with all the bells and whistles. There are two layers of packaging, the first of which is a white, cardboard box which displays the beads in a small picture, with the catchphrase “Every Women’s Fitness Essential, The World’s Bestselling Kegel Exercising Aid.” Not the most discreet in packaging, but also not very attention grabbing. Lelo is a classy brand after all.

    The second form of packaging can be used as storage, but is not the only means of storage provided by the manufacturer. Here we have a very nondescript white box whose only feature is the ‘Lelo’ name imprinted in silver at the top.

    Pull the lip off and you have your Luna Mini Pleasure Beads encased in a foam-like board. If you take two of the Beads out of the encasing and pull the foam up, you will find a compartment that contains some Lelo water based, paraben free, and glycerine free lubricant. Also included: a small, unpadded, black, satin, pouch, a set of directions, and a 1 year warranty/10 year quality guarantee. The manufacturer is great about being accessible to its audience, as both the box and directions contain 7 different languages. As for the 1 year warranty/10 year quality guarantee, let me break down what that means for you. If for some reason the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads are no longer able to do their job one year after purchase by working your pelvic muscles, Lelo will replace them with a new pair. The 10 year quality guarantee ensure that if something should happen within a 10 year period, Lelo will sell you a new pair of Pleasure Beads at 50% off the original price.

  • Personal comments:

    I included instructions on how to properly insert vaginal exercisers in my Belle Ami Review for beginners. Since the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads is also a set that would be ideal for those who are new to kegels, it felt like a good idea to once again include information on insertion of this system.
    How to Insert

    Leg Lift
    In order to insert the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads you will first want to place some lube on the system in order to make insertion run smoother. Then lift your leg and rest it somewhere like a bed or desk. This will help you to balance yourself as well as widen you entryway. From there, place one of your fingers on the base of the silicone harness where it meets the string of the Bead. Now, start pushing the Pleasure Beads up into the vaginal canal until you reach your PC muscles. You can locate these muscles by clenching inside of your vagina. Once you feel the muscles clench around the exerciser, you know they are in place and should stay secure. Should you not reach your PC muscles and leave the Pleasure Beads inside of you, they will begin to slide out once you start walking around. Should this occur, you will have to go back and repeat the process until you’ve reached them.

    Lying Down
    Another way to insert the Luna Pleasure Beads is by lying down. Lie on your back and bend your knees until they form a triangle. If you are new to this you may want to spread your knees before inserting the Pleasure Beads. From here, you can elevate your hips if you’re not feeling too comfortable just lying flat on your back. At this point, you can follow the same pattern as the instructions for the first technique.

  • Experience:

    I give this product 4 stars because it’s made of great, body safe materials, the circumference is so good for beginners I wish this had been my first experience, and the interchangeable weights make it a bang for your buck. But that’s my unbiased opinion of the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads. Had this review been solely based on my own preferences and nitpicky-ness I probably would have given these 3 stars because, in all honestly, while this does its job in terms of effectively exercising the pelvic muscles, there were some things I didn’t care for. First and foremost I thought it was noisy. Some people will be able to handle the jingle, because if you’re in a crowded room where there are people talking no one is going to notice your jingling vagina. But most of the time I wasn’t, and I felt like I had to be extra careful taking these out of the bathroom after cleaning them so my roommates wouldn’t hear the noise.

    The drag on the silicone harness also didn’t agree with my body. I don’t think this will be true for everyone, as I’ve had this issue in the past but some materials pinch when entering me. I’m not sure if it was the part where the harness meets the ball or the drag itself but I kept having to adjust these during insertion for this reason. All in all I think this product has a lot of potential, especially for beginners, since it’s the smaller version of an already well liked exerciser. These Pleasure Beads do their job in terms of strengthening your pelvic muscles. I noticed that as I grew accustomed to this system, I was able to easily remove them using my muscles when I was done. Lelo does a pretty good job at knowing the needs of their customers and providing an affordable, luxury system.

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