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Hathor Aphrodisia exotic love oil

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Hathor Aphrodisia Exotic Love Oil excels as a massage oil. it's pecan oil base creates a good glide, as well as decent friction as you manipulate the flesh of the person you're massaging. It has a warm, slightly spicy, slightly earthy, floral scent that is pleasant and not overwhelming. The oil lasts a long time before it completely absorbs into the skin, and can double as a body oil, bath oil, or even lube.


Natural warming with cinnamon and ginger, long lasting, all natural ingredients.


Tastes horrible. No kissing oiled skin with this one.

Best use:

Hathor Aphrodisia Exotic Love Oil stands out as an all natural body oil. Whether used in the bath, after a shower to moisturize skin, as a massage oil or even as an oil based lube, it excels.

This oil is primarily a pecan oil base, with ylang ylang, geranium, cedarwood, cinnamon, ginger and vitamin e added. Every ingredient is natural and body friendly though, as with any product, one should check that they are not allergic to the ingredients (particularly, I suppose, those with nut allergies).
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    This Exotic Love Oil is thin, as most oils are. Lightly tipping its bottle will allow it to drizzle in a thin stream into your hand, or onto your body but tilting the bottle too far will have it glugging out quite rapidly. As only a small amount is needed to cover quite a bit of the body, I suggest using care and pouring slowly.

    This is an actual oil based oil, unlike some of the glycerin based massage products out there. As such, it feels oily but not greasy. It's a natural oil (pecan) rather than a synthetic or petroleum based so you have much less of a thick, fake feeling. It's surprisingly light, rather like sesame oil.

    A small amount covers an entire back for a good half hour massage before it starts to absorb into the skin. Those who dislike feeling a little bit oiled up will probably want to shower after a massage, as it doesn't completely absorb into the skin for a few hours.

    Despite the fact that it feels a wee bit oily on the skin, it doesn't stain sheets or clothes.

    Pecan Oil, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Ginger and Vitamin E
  • Taste / Aroma:

    One of my favorite things about this oil is it's scent; it's a natural, floral yet earthy scent that, while potent enough to make itself known, isn't overwhelming and doesn't smell up an entire room. (Except the bathroom, if you use it in a steamy tub as a bath oil. Then you get a lovely, scented room reminiscent of really good potpourri.

    The main scent is geranium - which actually smells a bit like rose. The cedar, cinnamon and ginger give it a bit of earth and spice underneath the floral.

    Taste is extremely perfume-like despite the mild and pleasant scent. I do NOT suggest licking or kissing skin this has been applied to. I tried it and it's quite horrible. It is not, not, not, not, not intended to be eaten or tasted.

  • Performance:

    I'm quite enamored with how this oil performs in just about every application I could think of.

    As a massage oil it lasts a long, long time, giving hands a good glide over skin without being overly greasy or "too" slick. I'm not sure if the cinnamon and ginger are intended to add a warming sensation but they seem to. When flesh is manipulated with this oil on it, particularly large areas like back, buttocks and thighs, the friction on top of the spice causes it to be comfortably warm and soothing but never actually hot.

    As a bath oil it disperses in water fairly well, though it does tend to float to the top like any oil. The smell is enticing and florally warm, and the oil seems to coat the skin well, absorbing in decently after you've dried off and let it sit for awhile. It does not immediately absorb which can be a pro or a con depending upon your preferences, but again, it's non staining so that isn't a worry as you wait for it to absorb.

    It performs wonderfully as an after shower moisturizer, too. I like to rub a bit in to damp skin then towel off. It leaves me soft, scented, and slightly dewy, but not coated like many mineral oil based products will do.

    It even works well as an anal lube or jerk off lube if you don't mind a thinner consistency. Common sense says this should be okay for the vagina as it's a natural nut oil rather than a petroleum or synthetic, but I'd say avoid using it internally vaginally if you're prone to infections or irritation.

    Condoms don't like oil so don't use it with them.

    Safety features:
    Glycerin free / L-Arginine free / Paraben free / Petro-chemicals free
    Special features:
    • All natural
  • Packaging:

    This oil won my heart almost instantly when I realized the bottle it comes in is blue glass. I have a weakness for blue glass. The cap is black and screws on, the bottle is covered with the Hathor Aphrodisia brown label with it's heart and flower logo. Use care when handling glass with oily hands! It can break if you drop it.

    4 fl.oz.
    0.5 lb
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