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Exploring the O DVD by Adam & Eve Pictures
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This erotic educational DVD, led by renowned sexologist Jamye Waxman, offers information on female orgasm and how to achieve it.

By using sensual pairings of lovers to demonstrate techniques, Jayme keeps things both sexy and smart.

Join real-life couple Daisy and Dick as they explore the clitoris and G-spot in their climactic quest. Cytherea and Lyla demonstrate female ejaculation, while Laurie and Alex indulge in some hot anal sex.

In each of the three scenes, Jayme Waxman offers tips and tricks on increasing pleasure using the methods being displayed. Bonuses on this erotic DVD include behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery.

Catalog ID: ENT74597

  • Properties

    Dolby digital surround / Web site access / Behind the Scenes / Photo Gallery / Trailers
    Number of Discs:
    1 hour, 23 minutes
    Release Date:
    Production Year:
    October 2007
    Adam & Eve Pictures

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    Customer comments

    • Hmm...
    • I dont find the cover anyway near attractive--but diversity is what makes life great. To me, the couple just don't look "real".
    • Heh... love the cover image ^.^
    • I love Cytherea...she my fav!
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