Female Submission: The Journals of Madelaine – a great story of female sexual submission

Female Submission: The Journals of Madelaine Book by Citadel Press
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As a highly readable retelling of author Claudia Varrin's real-time adventures spent in London as a sexual female submissive to a well-known British master, this book is the second in a two-part series of novels dealing with the art of dominant and submissive play. The 1st book of the series, Erotic Surrender, was written to empower the female submissive and make her feel pride in her sexual preference, whereas this book relates Varrin's actual day-to-day experiences while living with the master. Using her vivid and highly detailed journals under the given name Madelaine, Varrin wrote every day "so as not to forget her experiences and emotions" felt as a sexual submissive. These journal entries spun into an engulfing narrative provide a direct look at actual female submission that is written for women by women. As Madelaine, many of Varrin's experiences are extremely wild, edge, and on the most "advance level of play" broaching the boundaries of sexual exploration. Scenarios including private fantasy enactments, public scenes in nightclubs, exclusive dungeon parties are put up against the menial and everyday activities she was assigned to do as the master's slave. Exploring her submissive role more deeply, Varrin was able to access hidden desires resulting in a downward spiral and debasement without degrading herself or losing any self-esteem.

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    2006 year
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