Fetish 101 – a great guidebook into the world of sexual fetishes

Fetish 101 Book by Hylas Publishing
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Are you into leather? How about some body painting? Anyone up for exhibitionism? Whether you're a seasoned fetishist, a casual behind-closed-doors participants or simply someone with a healthy sexual curiosity, Fetish 101 has something for everyone.

Inside this book you will find just about every type of fantasy your mind can conjure, as well as a few you wouldn't have thought of in your wildest dreams. From head (Bald is Beautiful) to toe (Feet), inside (Housewives) and outside (Outdoor Action), Fetish 101 leaves no part of the human body or psyche unexplored.

This book will tantalize the senses and challenge you to examine a world of erotic possibilities.

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    Peter W. Czernich
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    Hylas Publishing
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    2006 year
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    6 3/4"

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    • TexasBrat
      This book ROCKS!! It has 101 photos of women in different fetish styles, activities, positions, and state of mind. I Loved the visual appeal of this book. It's small, easy to tuck into a pocket or purse, yet fun and exciting. The women are gorgeous (all women in this book), and the photographers really capture the essence of each Fetish represented inside the pages.
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