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Fetish Fantasy first time kit

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The Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition first time kit by Pipedream is a great introduction to BDSM for beginners. The ease of use with all the components, and the lower level of intensity, is sure to please instead of intimidate those folks who are wary to try out BDSM toys.


Beginner friendly, five piece kit, feathers are intact, breathable ball gag.


Poorly designed flogger, different gag, blindfold can't be adjusted, D-ring closure on gag.

Best use:

The Fetish Fantasy Series first time kit by Pipedream is designed to be used to try out some light BDSM play with a partner. Whether it's to spice up your sex life, or just to try out something new without investing too much cash on the off chance that you may not enjoy it, this kit is perfect for both situations. Beginners to BDSM toys will probably enjoy this kit the most, since all the toys included are very minimalistic and easy to replace. Those with a lot more experience with BDSM play will probably giggle at this kit and want to find something else to use, because this just will not be intense enough.

Sensory play is the biggest idea behind this particular kit, since it contains a blindfold, a gag, feather tickler, rope whip, and love dice. You can take away the ability to see or talk, which will heighten the other senses, while sensually teasing your partner with the tickler or causing a little pain with the stingy rope whip. The love dice can also be used to help come up with ideas of things to do to your partner. For example, roll the dice and they may land on "Suck" and "Nipples" or some other combination of sexy fun.

With a little bit of imagination and the toys from this kit, there are many different ways to tantalize each other and add that extra spark you've been looking for. Just beware of drooling while using the breathable ball gag: it's bound to happen, since your mouth is held open and there are little holes in the ball. If this is something you find sexy, there shouldn't be an issue; otherwise, just keep a towel or something around for easy clean up.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The love dice are two 1" cubes of black plastic with white-lettered words printed on them. The action die has "Kiss", "Suck", "Lick", "Blow", "Tease" and "Players Choice", while the body part die has "Toes", "Nipples", "Privates", "Ear", "Neck" and "Ass". There are many combinations to be had with these dirty dice, and some will be more comical than sexy, but half the fun of sex is giggling about it with your partner.

    About the length of elbow to wrist is how long the feather tickler's black plastic handle is. It is a long, hollow tube that is capped with a small rubber cup that the feathers are glued into. The black feathers are fluffy and matte black on the bottom half, and smooth, shiny, and black on the longer skinny ends. They are very soft and glued well into the rubber cup, without there being any glue mess left over. The feathers stay put when in use, do not shed at all, and do not smell like much of anything.

    The blindfold is most likely a mix of polyester and nylon, with elastic making up the stretchy band that goes around your head. It is one piece of material shaped like a kidney bean, that has an edge of the same material sewn on to finish the edges and prevent fraying. Also sewn into the seam, there is a black tag on the right inside half, that has "Pipedream" on the front and "Made in China" on the back. Right on top of the tag is also where the elastic band is attached to the blindfold on one side, while the other side only has the elastic band sewn into the seam. The material is stiff, crinkly, somewhat shiny, and only really smells like new clothing. It fit well, but it's not very adjustable, so it will only fit a small range of head sizes.

    One single piece of nylon webbing is what makes up the strap for the breathable ball gag. The one end of this strap is melted to keep it from fraying, and the other is folded over to hold two silver colored metal D-rings, and is held closed with a silver colored metal rivet. The ball of the gag is a black plastic ball with four holes on each side; it's been split in half and glued back together once the nylon strap was passed through it. It can slide, very jerkily, up and down the nylon strap as needed, which is important for placement when adjusting the strap to your head size. To use the D-ring closure, pass the plain end of nylon through both D-rings at once and then pull one D-ring away from the other, so you can pass the same end of nylon through just one D-ring, going the other direction, and pull to tighten. This closure is not the best for a gag, because it can possibly loosen on its own, and the ball itself is not a good size for those with a smaller mouth.

    A small, hollow, black plastic tube covered in black grip tape makes up the handle of the rope whip. Inside the hollow handle, a tiny metal bar has been secured across the diameter about 1/4" from the end. This little metal bar holds the loop of nylon rope that has been zip-tied to keep it closed on one end, but it holds the other nylon rope pieces on the other end. There are two long pieces of nylon rope that pass through the looping of the smaller bit of nylon rope; these have knots tied in the ends and melted tips to keep the rope from fraying. Straight out of the packaging, these ropes already had loops pulled out randomly and bits of rope just sticking out every which way. It is not the highest quality rope, but it will do for a beginner for a while until it falls apart completely. There really is not much of an odor to the rope whip beyond a typical nylon smell.

    Feather / Metal / Nylon / Plastic / Polyester
    Material safety
    4 oz
  • Performance:

    The feather tickler does exactly what it's made for; it tickles. The black feathers are very soft, and really succeed in teasing and tickling when used on naked flesh. It helps to be blindfolded so you don't know when it's coming, but also so you can concentrate more on the feeling the tickler has on your skin. The tickler is designed well and should last a while, but don't get it wet and be careful with it when storing.

    Wearing the blindfold is comfortable enough, and it has some room for a bigger head, but it isn't very adjustable. Other than that, it works pretty well for its intended purpose, though it doesn't block out all light when used. There are two spots, one on either side of the nose, that just don't stay down close enough to your face, and in turn give you a little spot to peek from. This blindfold is designed decently and should last a while with repeated use, but the seams will probably start to come apart, especially where the elastic band is sewn on.

    The ball gag will definitely not fit everyone, since it's only adjustable to a point, but it does work pretty well as a gag. Breathing through it is very easy since it has some holes drilled through the ball itself, but this also makes it very easy for saliva to come dripping out of your mouth, so keep that in mind and have a towel ready for clean up. The plastic ball does have a very faint chemical taste to it, but it's nothing near what a rubber ball would taste like. With moderate use this should last a while, but it may become hard to clean after getting a lot of saliva inside the ball; a replacement would be very likely needed.

    Being whipped with the rope whip will definitely leave behind some stinging, and possibly some red marks on the skin. The knotted and melted rope ends lend to these sensations, and some will find them enjoyable, but of course not everyone will. This whip gives a very light, stingy sensation because there is a small number of falls on it, and the rope isn't very heavy or thick. It will most likely fall apart with repeated, heavy use, but if you treat it gingerly it should last a bit longer. If you prefer a heavier, thuddy kind of sensation, you may want to replace this whip with a flogger that has many thick falls on it.

    The love dice are probably the best part of the entire BDSM kit, because they can be used with or without the rest of the products, and they're fun to play with. There are a lot of combinations that can be made with the dice that will be fun to act out with your partner, and perhaps they will inspire some other ideas to use with each other. They also seem pretty durable and should last you a good long while, even with repetitive use.

    Special Features:
    • Beginners
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Cleaning the different items in the kit will vary according to the material, but for the most part spot cleaning with a damp cloth will do. The feathers on the tickler end really shouldn't be cleaned; they could disintegrate or fall apart after getting wet. The rope whip could possibly be dipped into soapy water and gently rinsed out, but be sure you don't submerge the handle end at all.

    Storing the BDSM kit will be quite simple if you keep the box it all came in, but if you just don't have the space or worry about it being found, you could store these items in something else. The only part of it that may be difficult to store is the feather tickler, since you don't want to bend it up and destroy the feathers, but it should be easy enough to hide in your closet.

  • Packaging:

    All the pieces of this kit are individually packaged in little plastic bags, with the exception of the feather tickler. It is all contained in a fairly large black and grey box, that has a picture of a scantily clad couple on the front, along with the name of the kit, the Pipedream logo, and a list of the exact items enclosed. The back of the box is white and depicts all the items contained inside, while telling you more about the products themselves in a paragraph at the top.

    The packaging is not discreet at all and should be wrapped if gifting to someone, but it does make great temporary storage for your kit. You may want to invest in something different to store these pieces in eventually, just because the box is not discreet and someone may find it.

  • Personal comments:

    Personally my husband and I are more advanced than this kit, so we just kind of laughed at it while using it, but it would be great for beginners to BDSM toys.

  • Experience:

    The breathable ball gag is not bad, but it's not my preferred kind of gag. I don't like that it has a single nylon webbing strap that closes at the back with two D-rings. I have a cute belt that closes the same way, which I love, but for a gag I'd rather have a buckle so I know it's going to stay put. Other than those points, the gag works well.

    The rope whip is poorly designed, but you can't expect much from a kit that costs so little. The handle is almost too small for my hand, and I have tiny hands. Also, the grip tape wrapped around the handle is just tacky looking, in my opinion. It does sting if you make contact with the tips, but I prefer toys that have a little more oomph behind their sting. I can see beginners liking it just fine, on the other hand, because it's easy to swing, won't tire out your swinging arm quickly, and it does sting. If you despise stingy toys, you will probably hate it and may want to switch it out with a different flogger/whip.

    The feather tickler is one part of the kit I can actually enjoy. It's fun to be tied up and teased with this toy, and I like that the feathers don't fall out of it. Honestly, the handle end could be longer, but I know they had to fit it in the box somehow.

    The blindfold isn't terrible, but it's not the best either. It is stiff but not uncomfortable, and it is not adjustable at all. I didn't have a problem with this fitting my head, but it is a little tight, and no matter how much I messed with it I could still see light from the gaps next to my nose. Perhaps if the nose area was more cut out of the blindfold, shaped better as it were, it would block out more light.

    The love dice are a lot of fun to play with, unless you land on "Suck" and "Toes" at the same time and you're very grossed out by feet. The combinations that are possible with these dice are amusing and, if anything, will make you and your partner giggle uncontrollably.

  • Other
    Kit includes:
    feather tickler, love mask, breathable ball gag, rope whip and love dice.
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
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