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Fetish Fantasy web restraint system

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Like the idea of bed restraints, but want more movement? The Web Restraint System may be the answer. It attaches under the mattress corners and lays atop the bed, providing a web to cuff your partner to in a variety of positions. The cuffs slide along the web pieces allowing for movement during play, and the entire system stores away easily in a drawer. It has a tendency to tangle (although it's not hard to straighten out), but isn't it always a tangled web we weave?


Easy to put on/take off, cuffs comfortable, allows some movement, fun.


Edges of neoprene not finished, can tangle, straps can irritate over a long period of time.

Best use:

The Web Restraint System, part of the Fetish Fantasy Series from Pipedream, is a fun and unique way to add some bondage fun to your bedroom play. Unlike traditional under the bed restraint systems, the Web attaches to the corners of your mattress and creates a web on the top for partner play. With 24 web lines and 4 special Velcro-closure cuffs that can traverse the individual lines, the web is restrictive yet allows for some movement in position. The cuffs can be easily removed and attached to different lines for different positions. While not large enough for a traditional spread eagle restraint, a myriad of positions can be achieved. With the long under mattress lines, the web can be positioned in the center of the mattress or off-centered towards the top or bottom for a change in play or to include other apparatuses.

The Web can be used by beginners and more advanced players alike. It allows for light yet secure restraint and is quite versatile during use and easy to pack into a suitcase or away in a drawer.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Web Restraint system is designed for bed-top use. The black web (nylon that has a softer feel than traditional nylon), when stretched out, is about 48” across. Four red nylon straps (standard feeling), each about 82” long and 3/4" wide, are attached to the web by one end, and then run through a plastic slider attached to a small piece of the black webbing. Two red straps meet like this on both sides. The red straps are looped under the mattress corners and then pulled as tight as necessary to secure the web on the top of the bed.

    The actual web has 24 black web lines, each 3/4" wide, to which your lover can be attached. There are an additional 6 lines that form the center of the web, and can also be used to secure them, although attaching the cuffs to these lines won’t allow as much movement and will off-center your lover on the web. The web lines are fairly soft, and don’t cause discomfort to the skin when rubbing along them for short periods of time, although they will become somewhat uncomfortable if you’re rubbing against them for an hour or two.

    The four cuffs are made of black neoprene with red nylon on the outside. Each cuff is 14” long overall (7 1/4" is neoprene) by 2 1/2" wide. The neoprene is stitched securely to the nylon. The edges of the neoprene aren’t finished so they may wear and tear over time. The Velcro that closes each cuff (the soft side) is 4” long, while the piece it attaches to is 3 1/2" long and sewn securely to the neoprene. The soft Velcro extends about 1/2" past the red nylon on the end.

    The comfortable cuffs are adjustable up to about 12 1/2" around and will securely hold your struggling partner in place. At the maximum size, the Velcro may become loose with struggle, but at 12” or smaller it will hold firmly. Whether your wrist or ankle is completely surrounded by the neoprene or touches the Velcro, it shouldn’t become irritated.

    Each cuff features a piece of Velcro about 5” long sewn securely to the outside. Two inches of each side can be closed to form a loop which fits easily over the webbing. The loop allows the cuff to slide up and down the strap of the webbing where it’s attached.

    The bonus Love Mask that is included is a piece of satin sewn into a kidney bean shape with a piece of elastic to slip over the head. It works ok, but may not have the best fit for everyone.

    0.75 lb
  • Performance:

    The Web is fairly easy to align and position on the bed. One of the small black nylon pieces where two red straps feed through the adjusters should be positioned parallel to the headboard, and the other parallel to the footboard. The web can then be untangled as necessary. Each red strap then goes around the corner of the mattress (underneath). Once both headboard or footboard straps are in place, they can be tightened in pairs by pulling the red straps through the adjusters. Alternating tightening between the headboard pair and the footboard pair will help to center the web on the mattress.

    When the web is attached securely, your partner can be easily restrained in a variety of positions by securing the Velcro loops on the cuffs to the web. The web is not long enough to secure a person lying flat on their back with their legs and arms outstretched, but many other positions are possible, whether they are on their back, stomach, or even on their knees. The Velcro on the cuffs can also be attached to the red nylon securing straps for more stretch.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    This system is easy to care for. The cuffs and webbing can be wiped with a damp or soaped cloth and dried if necessary. If soiled, it can also go through the washer in a netted lingerie bag on the delicate cycle and hung to dry. The mask can be cleaned the same way.

    The web tangles, but isn’t too hard to untangle when using again. The Web Restraint System can be stored in its original packaging, or easily stored in a bag in a drawer near the bed.

  • Packaging:

    The Web Restraint System comes in a large shiny cardboard box with a woman in PVC bra and panties and wearing fishnets bound to the web. Each side of the box shows a couple in a different position on the web, and the back has an additional 3 possible positions. The back of the box also explains how the Web can be used, how to attach it to the mattress (either Full, Queen, or King) and lists what’s included in the kit. Inside the box the Web, 4 cuffs, and a bonus satin blindfold are sealed in a large plastic bag.

  • Personal comments:

    All of the connecting stitching seems secure, and except for the unfinished edges of the neoprene, should wear well.

  • Experience:

    My husband’s first reaction to this was “Oh, but you hate spiders!” which made me laugh. Although it’s true – they can be the size of a pinhead and I’ll scream more than Janet Leigh in the shower at the Bates Motel. I assured him he didn’t look remotely spiderlike, and we proceeded to see how well I’d become the fly.

    We found this fairly easy to put on the bed. I loved the red and black – the red is a nice, vibrant color – and I was thankful that Pipedream made the straps that go under the bed red instead of black: if they were black I might have thrown up my hands in defeat. Once we figured out that the slider bars for the red straps went towards the headboard and footboard, it was simple to lay out the web and loop the straps under the mattress corners. We had to take them out and untwist the web a bit, but with it laid out like that it wasn’t hard to do. Tightening was easy, and in about 5 minutes we had the web tight on the bed. Our bed is a Queen, and this fit nicely on the top – I imagine it would be closer to the edge or lap over a bit on a Full, and be more centered on a King.

    My husband put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and then I climbed on the bed, ready to be made helpless.

    What we really liked was the number of positions this worked in, although we found more that worked for us if I was on my knees or on my stomach. I liked how I wasn’t totally immobile, but could move my arms and legs a bit if I needed to adjust positions or even try to squirm and get away. I did feel like a helpless fly at times, at the mercy of my “spider”, but that was all part of the fun.

    This also worked if only my arms were attached and I was bent over the bed, or if just my legs were attached and my arms either free or attached to something else. I didn’t find the webbing too irritating to be on, although on a longer session the rubbing did bother me some.

    Unfortunately this has to be removed from the bed after use and stored away, but it’s easy enough to get back in place, and a lot of fun.

  • Other
    One size fits most
    Kit includes:
    Nylon Fantasy Web 4 Adjustable Cuffs Free Satin Love Mask
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