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Figure Training Fundamentals Book by Versatile Fashions
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If you are a fan of corsets or the culture surrounding them, this is a must-have book for your collection. Featuring a complete historical guide to wearing corsets and dotted with charming line-drawings and old photographs of young women wearing and being fitted for them, this is a fantastic gift to the corset-lover in your life.

The book is written in an elegantly Victorian fashion, seemingly taken directly from the pages of a turn-of-the-century how to guide on cultivating a "wasp waist", down to what meals to take and when. Austere directions are carefully explained in the manner that elegant ladies would have followed to achieve waists in the 17" range in the Victorian Era.

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    Compiled by Versatile Fashions
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    Versatile Fashions
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    1997 year
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    8 1/2"

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