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Five Minute Erotica Book by Entrenue
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35 evocative stories from America's leading writers of erotica, all short, but with no less depth and power. Stories this brief are sometimes called "sudden fiction" and it's a form especially suited to erotica. These diverse stories aim to appeal to the heterosexual woman's sense of erotica.

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    Carol Queen
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    Running Press Book Publishers
    Publication date:
    2003 year
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    8 1/2"
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  • Reviews(24)

    • ViVix
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6/10

      This is the first literotica book I ever bought and was mine far before I had come across EF. What I've found since is that many of the literotica books take stories from a variety of authors and then compile them. Sometimes, the authors are not diverse enough, and sometimes, the stories are not diverse enough. This isn't what you'll find in Five Minute Erotica. The only drawback is the lack of appeal of this book to the LGBT community.

    • Apirka
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      Only got a minute to get hot and bothered? Need some quick fantasy fodder? Five Minute Erotica: 35 Passionate Tales of Sex and Seduction has you covered! The short and easy to read stories cover fantasy, masturbation, voyeurism, oral, PIV and tentacle sex with lovers and strangers. However, all of the stories cater to those of the heterosexual persuasion.

    • Waterfall
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.8/10

      Five Minute Erotica is a collection of short erotic stories that one can read when they do not have much time. There are 35 stories, so most will find something that interests them.

    • Alicia
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      If you're looking for short little snippets of sex and lust you might really enjoy this collection of stories. For me I find them to be best used as a tease to spark my interest and to then ponder about what maybe I think happened after the story ends or just start thinking about how that story might play out in real life. They're fun reads, they're incredibly sexy and might even spark a new fantasy for you.

    • Twist Shimmy
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.5/10

      Five Minute Erotica is more like a fine chocolate assortment than it is a typical erotica anthology. True to its title, the stories within are short, and just one will leave you wanting more. This isn't so good for the solo reader, but as a warm-up to a night with a lover, I can't think of a more perfect anthology.

    • Adriana Ravenlust
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.6/10

      If your libido needs a quick pick-me-up, Five Minute Erotica with its varied and well written narratives may be the book for you. If you want longer stories with more plot and character development, or kink, this collection may not be your thing.

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    Customer comments

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    • Looks interesting.
    • Oooh. This sounds so perfect for hot quickie solo sessions.
    • Jrella
      I can't wait until this arrives. I'm really looking forward to enjoying it with my lover.
    • :3
    • I really hope this comes back into stock soon! It sounds really interesting
    • best way to waste that akward 5 minutes in my opinion
      It's a great read. Five minute stories is perfect for when you want some short and sweet.
    • I really enjoyed this collection! All of the stories were so original and I was happy to not have to read the same old situation over and over again. I also loved the story lenghts :-)
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