G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality – the best book on the famous female erogenous zone

G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality Book by Owl Books
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The experts agree: "The G Spot" - the first book to provide clinical proof of the existence and location of Grafenberg spot - is still the best source of information about this often misunderstood female erogenous zone. All new art illustrates the facts and provides the practical guidance you need to dramatically expand your sexual potential. This revolutionary book will open the door to a new world of sexual pleasure for you and your partner.

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    Alice Kahn Ladas, M.S.S., Ed. D. / Beverly Whipple, Ph.D. / John D.Perry, Ph.D.
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    Owl Books
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    • Essin' Em
      Essin' Em
      After hearing Beverly Whipple speak at my grad school orientation, I decided to purchase and read this book. I was worried that it would be fall too scientific for me, but it wasn't. It was a very interesting read, albeit from an academic perspective. I think everyone should check this book out, just for the interesting information it provides. -Essin' Em, www.essin-em.com
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