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Getting Off Book by Seal press
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Getting Off, an informative and entertaining guide to female masturbation, is presented by respected sex expert Jamye Waxman. Comprehensive, tongue-in-cheek and an interesting read, it's a must-have for any woman seeking more knowledge about that most intimate of practices, masturbation.

With chapters that cover anatomy, sex toys, fantasies, and even history, even the most sexually informed woman stands to learn a lot by browsing through. A foreword by Betty A. Dodson and illustrations from Molly Crabapple further enhance this offering, making it a great addition to any sex library.

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    Jamye Waxman
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    Seal press
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    2007 year
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    • Gun couples book. Good shower gift.
    • Wishlisted!
    • SleepyPanda
      Very non-threatening, encouraging, and easy to read. Packed with info from cover to cover. And the where-to at the back was awesome, great for girls who don't know where to discreetly get some helpful little friends.
    • triscuit
      The resources were amazing, and help educate a new comer (no pun intended) to the sexual world. I would highly suggest this book for those who are just learning about their bodies or maybe just wanting to learn new things.
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