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Glow is a little tricky to describe, since it's not simply one flogger; it's more a style of flogger which we make utilising several different materials for varying effects.

So, yer basic Glow is cut from medium garment Cowhide or medium garment Suede. These two are good starter floggers and, for seasoned practitioners, they excel as warmer-uppers to a more prolonged scene. The cowhide has more edge, more sting than the suede, but the suede kind of catches up in terms of its abrasive warming properties.

Moving up the sensation ladder, the Belting Glow is made from lightly oil tanned medium weight belting leather, which is harder than the two previous models, and really kicks the whole game up a notch in terms of hardness, weight and sting.

I'm going to have to make up a whole new word to describe the impact of the Rubber Glow, the final member of the collective. The word is "stingtensity", and that's what this baby has in spades. The rubber is only 1/16th thick, but it certainly makes its presence felt with uncompromisingly sharp, astringent stingtensity. And it's not lacking a bit of weight, either.

Every Glow is cut from a single piece of leather/rubber for extra sturdiness. It's a well made, versatile flogger that will earn its place in anyone's toybag.

Corset stitched handle, topped off with a goatsking knob.

Lash length 17 x 18" by 1/2"

Handle Length 8"

Keeper 6"

Cowhide - Black Red Purple

Suede - Black Red Purple Blue

Belting - Black

Rubber - Black

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