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Hard Hats Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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One of the most popular gay male fantasies are those of muscled blue-collar hunks at work; this erotic anthology offers 21 steamy stories of these working men to satisfy your literary lust.

The manly stars of these stories take a break from landscaping, roofing, and road repairs to relax and get down and dirty with one another. Tool belts, hard hats and work boots are all kicked aside as these studs power up their drills and hammer more than nails.

Edited by a former construction site boss, this playful and sexy variety of stories make Hard Hats a must-read.

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    Collection of Stories by Various Authors
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2008 year
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    5 1/2"

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    • Antipova
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.9/10

      If strong skillful men, masters of their trades, turn you on---pick up your hammer and Hard Hats. This erotic anthology is packed full of exactly what it promises---hot, sweaty sex. Chance encounters between builders and the businessmen they're building for, or among the ranks of the construction crew. Anyone who loves a masterfully wielded tool, whether steel or skin, will love the well-written stories to be found in Hard Hats.

    • Irishguy2328
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.9/10

      Good book for the lovers of hard working men. Plenty of sweat, sucking, screwing, great cocks, and gorgeous men... unfortunately, you have to return to reality.

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