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The companion book to Ian Kerner's smash success "She Comes First," "He Comes Next" offers women his sometimes radical, always expert advice on everything from the nature of male desire to sex-techniques that work.

While women everywhere benefited from Ian Kerner's sexual philosophy of female pleasure in "She Comes First," now it's time to learn all about what turns men on and makes them stay on. In "He Comes Next," Kerner covers every angle of male sexuality, illuminates the most common sex-life ruts, and offers practical, knowledgeable answers to womens most frequently asked questions.

In his role as a sex therapist, Kerner has spoken with countless men not only about the best sex they ever had, but also perhaps more important about the best sex they never had; experiences they always desired and fantasized about, but were afraid to share with their partners. In the spirit of "full exposure," "He Comes Next" is the closest you'll ever come to waking up in a guy's skin and knowing what truly makes him sexually tick.

Sexual pleasure goes beyond tips and tactics however, as our sexual identities - and the expression, gratification, and growth of these identities - is fundamental to the success of our intimate relationships. With step-by-step and blow-by-blow detail, Kermer provides a clear, concise, achievable vision of sexual pleasure, one in which each technique forwards the action and where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Written in the same witty, insightful, and utterly readable voice that has made "She Comes First" and "Be Honest - You're Not That Into Him Either" so popular, "He Comes Next" is the thinking woman's guide to enjoying sex to the fullest and ensuring that he does the same.

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    2006 year
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    • This was one of the worst sex books I've ever read. Honestly, the whole time I just kept thinking, "Well, OBVIOUSLY." It felt like a book for people with no sexual imagination whatsoever, have hang-ups about even vanilla sex, and guys who are totally clueless about their emotional connections. Very, very basic stuff.
    • ISIS
      Not so much a "how to" book as an examination of why. More psychological information than technique, only the last chapter talks about methods. Interesting if you are interested in how a guy's orgasm differs from a woman's, or the anatomy of sex but go for something else if you want a blow-job instruction manual.
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