Illume candles His and hers quickies - Candle from Illume candles

His and hers quickies Candle by Illume candles
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  • His and hers quickies - Candle
  • His and hers quickies - Candle
  • His and hers quickies - Candle
  • His and hers quickies - Candle
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Product summary and comments by Cinnamon Chambers


Quickies are a set of four little candles by the designer brand Illume. These candles are specifically scented to set the mood for passion and sensuality. Placing them in red glass only enhances how seductive this set of candles can be. With an extended burn time and lead free wick, Quickies will probably outlast you!

Catalog ID: 00701003000

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Soy wax
  • Packaging

    0.75 fl.oz.
    0.5 lb
  • Other

    Special Features:
    • Premium
    • Scented
    • Sensual enhancer
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    Customer comments

    • Expensice :(
    • Cute.
    • love the red color
    • Seems expensive for a few pretty tea candles... I'd rather just spend the money on a bigger, better candle.
    • These look nice, but they're pretty expensive. Might have to try them out though!
    • Look a bit pricey but I think they'd decorate a bathtub quite nicely!
      I definitely want these, no matter the price!
    • Soy is the best to use for play, however these are slightly expensive imo
    • Love the red.
      They're very pretty. Beautiful candles. Only four? They're like, $7 apiece! Very expensive.
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