Whipsmart Hog tie - Wrist and ankle cuffs from Whipsmart

Hog tie Wrist and ankle cuffs by Whipsmart
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WhipSmart keeps coming up with wonderful ideas for bondage toys.

The Hog Tie makes for a much simpler method of tying up that special someone. No having to fumble with bondage ropes and hoping your knots hold, the Hog Tie takes care of that for you.

The Hog Tie consists of two pieces. Each piece has a nylon thigh cuff which has the ankle and wrist cuffs attached to it. All of them have velcro closures making application and removal a breeze while still ensuring that your loved one won't be able to get out of it.

The ankle cuffs are tethered down by nylon straps which are completely adjustable so that you can rest easy about your partners comfort. And both of the ankle and wrist cuffs are made out of soft neoprene for extra comfort as well.

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    Neoprene / Nylon
    0.4 lb

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    • cute
    • anonymous
      this was an interesting tie, but not comfortable at all. the straps are built so that the rough side of the velcro rubs against your skin if you try to move at all. good if you're looking for pain/discomfort, bad if you're not.
    • anonymous
      Works great! Very restraining, yet still offers complete access.
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