How to Set His Thighs on Fire – 86 tips on life, love and especially sex

How to Set His Thighs on Fire Book by Warner Books
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Kate white, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, the world's bestselling women's magazine, dishes out 86 red-hot lessons on love, life, men, and especially sex. You can't run a magazine like Cosmopolitan without women dying to find out what you know, and with eight years at the helm, White has learned a lot about how to get what you need in life and love. This entertaining and informative guidebook provides crucial advice you won't find anywhere else, including; the sex position men prefer most, how to get your guy to open up, signs he may be cheating, how to hook him forever, and more. White has compiled the must-have little instruction book for any girl who wants to take on the world and needs the inside scoop on how to do it. From a successful woman in the know, this book should be an indispensable part of every woman's library.

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    2006 year
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