10 Ways To Treat Your Booty Right

10 Ways to Treat Your Booty Right

The booty has been an object of desire, criticism, pride and shame since the beginning of time. Praised in songs, used for punishment with some most famous ones insured for millions. Pay your dues to yours and have fun with it.


Dress up your booty

When was the last time you went shopping to buy something special just for your booty? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Now it's time for it to shine, so get an outfit that will make it look gorgeous.



A very pleasurable technique of kissing, licking, sucking, penetrating with the tongue, or otherwise orally stimulating your partner’s anus. Sometimes all by itself it can lead to a powerful orgasm and, if you stimulate some other erogenous zones at the same time, you may just be worshiped.


Slap it

Erotic spanking has been practiced throughout history, starting with ancient civilizations, which left us erotic frescos and murals as proof. Nowadays spanking range anywhere from light and playful to a full BDSM mode, so fool around and see how you like it.



Pegging reverses the traditional gender roles and allows the woman to take control and be the dominant one by wearing a strap-on and penetrating her partner and the man to experiment with being the submissive one.


Share love with the p-spot

Similar to women, men have their own G-spot, and to stimulate it, one needs to go through the backdoor. According to a study done by LELO, 80% of women would be interested in trying this type of massage with their partner, especially considering the bonus – a 33% stronger orgasm and an improved virility.


Anal massage

Anal massage is a real treat for both men and women. It stimulates the pelvic muscles, improving the blood flow in the area - good for orgasms and general health. And if you make it part of the whole body massage, a total bliss is guarantied.


Playing handball

If you crave a unique experience, try fisting for a special level of intimacy and fulfilling sensations. To avoid pain and injury, you need to gradually stretch your bum and there is no better way to do it than inflatable toys.


Add vroom

The anus is a very nerve-rich area and stimulating it with a vibrator can lead to some amazingly pleasurable results. Add some vibes on the outside or go a little deeper for muscle relaxing toes curling orgasms.


Warm up

Step one in getting ready for a more serious anal action. Try using some small toys to maintain elasticity and temporarily stretch the anal canal to make the actual penetration easier, so the whole experience is pleasurable from the start.


Intense pleasure with beads

Using the anal beads by inserting or pulling them out right before an orgasm can trigger some of the most powerful climaxes. That same sensation of the beads moving in and out during the foreplay can be a powerful arousal tool. Experiment and find your favorite use.

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