Best Sex Toys For Pleasing Clitoris

Why is clitoral orgasm so important?

When it comes to having ‘so-good-your-neighbors-hate-you’ sex, making sure you stimulate the clitoris is the number one rule. For more effective ways to arouse a woman, or if you're in need of some enhanced solo practices, we’re here with tips, tricks, do’s and don'ts of clitoral stimulation. Body-shaking orgasms guaranteed!

What can clitoral toys do for you?

Although some women are lucky enough to climax through penetration alone, for the majority it’s the external, nerve-ending dense clitoris that is the key to pleasure. If you haven’t used a clitoral stimulator yet, it’s the perfect time to try one to feel your body on a whole new level. Explore different features of clitoral teasers, and you’re guaranteed to get incredible orgasms. Let’s see how to choose a toy your clitoris is bound to love!

Clitoral Vibrators

With so many clitoral vibrators on the market, you can always choose one that will meet and maybe even surpass your expectations.

Ergonomic vibrators

An ergonomic shape will fit all your curves, delivering incredible sensations. Perfect for solo use, this type of vibrator is also an exciting addition to couple sex.

I needed a clitoral stimulator that had that extra oomph because some of us just take some more stimulation than others. I was delightfully surprised just by how much oomph this little bugger had.

Eggs & Bullets

Bullet and egg vibrators are the classic clitoral stimulator models. Shaped like a bullet or an egg, these vibrators are powerful, versatile and won’t break your budget.

Here is what Eden community has to say on why these toys are so great

Pocket Rockets

Featuring a cylindrical shape with vibrations distributed through the flattened top, pocket rockets are perfect for labia stimulation or for delivering arousing buzz anywhere on your body.

Finger Vibrators

The traditional design features a vibrating massager attached to a stretchy ring that goes around your finger. The little teaser will let you enjoy a complete ‘hands-on’ experience that you’ll never get with larger scale vibes.

Rabbit Vibrators

While clitoral stimulation is crucial for female orgasm, G-spot stimulation delivers deeper sensations. That’s why dual stimulators, such as rabbit vibrators, can lead to intensely pleasurable blended orgasms.

Wooo! I about jumped out of my skin with pleasure when the ears were playing with my clit, and someone kept surprising me where it would get me next!

Wand Massagers

Originally made for body massage, wands hold the key advantage of extra power, intensity and deep throbbing vibrations. You may choose among rechargeable and corded, big and pocket size options. If you’re looking for something dramatically intense and orgasm delivering, look no further, just give wands a chance.

Vibrating Panties

Is it possible to get a breathtaking sexual experience without taking your panties off? Discreet enough to be used in public, vibrating panties allow for an entirely hands-free experience. With or without a remote control, this vibrator can stimulate an entire intimate zone or a specific part of it, your choice.

Not afraid to try new things or potentially get caught doing something naughty? This is the exact thing you may need to spice things up!

Oral Love Simulators

Oral sex simulators were created for ladies (and some men) who will settle for nothing less than award-winning oral sex.

Air flow

These stimulators suck the air in, creating very realistic sucking sensations on the clitoris. Appearing on the market only recently, they instantly became the crowd favorites, thanks to the fantastic real-life feel they deliver. Stimulating by impulses of different intensity, this type of toy will bring you some of the most incredible orgasms without fail.

The orgasms are very intense and seem to last forever... I find myself almost losing track of reality.


If you prefer your oral to be gentle licking and mild stimulation, there are toys that offer exactly what you're looking for. A wheel of silicone tongues that rotates with different speed and patterns will treat your clitoris with utmost care.


Made of silky silicone and available in different shapes, these stimulators rotate and swirl, imitating the tongue of the most experienced lover.

She will make your eyes roll back into your head, your back arch, and you moan!

Clitoral Pumps

To enhance sexual pleasure or to get aroused faster, use a clitoral pump. Just like a penis pump, it creates a vacuum between the skin and the cup, drawing blood to the clitoris. You can use the toy either before or between intercourses to restore and improve clitoral sensation.

How To Make It Even Better

  • 1. Don’t forget to add some water-based lube for a great toy-to-skin contact and smooth gliding. To take it up a notch and make it even more stimulating, consider switching to a warming and tingling clit arousal formula.
  • 2. Play all 4 corners. It is well known that the upper right quadrant of the clitoral area is extra sensitive. But moving around a bit and shifting slightly to the right, left, up, or down is the key to increasing the level of arousal and delivering a stronger climax.
  • 3. Use imagination + extra stimulation. With enough lube, you may try your clitoral stimulator on nipples and other sensitive body zones.
  • 4. Play the ‘Ignore it’ game. This game is all about touching everywhere except the place you want to touch the most. The longer you resist, the brighter ‘O’ you’ll get later.