The Magic Of An Orgasm:
How To Choose The Best Wand Vibrator

Magic wands are versatile and immensely powerful pleasure tools. For those who crave truly intense stimulation, a wand massager is the best way to go. Here are some tips for finding your perfect supercharged playmate.


Even the smallest of magic wand vibrators pack a serious punch. Smaller wands are still powerful and great for taking on a road trip, while larger vibrators make the best choice for deep, satisfying full-body massage.

Hitachi style wand
Hitachi style wand

This toy is a must. It's amazing and you'll have an orgasm in under 2 minutes.

Pocket wonder wand
Pocket wonder wand

This small, but powerful vibrator packs quite the punch. Do not underestimate it based on size…

Power Source

Wand vibrators require a lot of juice to produce those intense vibrations. There are many power sources available in wands, so you’re free to choose one that fits your needs best. They’re available in battery-operated, rechargeable, and standard power outlet options. Choose the one that fits your primary needs best, or pick out a couple of models that are suitable for different uses.


Rechargeable vibrators are the best choice for people on the go, who want to have a massager available anywhere, anytime.

Magic force
Magic force

I love that this has so many different settings, is rechargeable, and is so easy to clean.


Corded massagers powered by a standard outlet provide intense vibrations and limitless endurance, so your pleasure session can go on and on and on.

Vibrating wand massager
Vibrating wand massager

If you have never used a wand, this will be perfect! If your vibrator is just not doing it for you, get one of these!

Splurge Or Save

High quality doesn't always mean you have to pay more. Case in point: Pretty Love. Made from hypoallergenic luxury silicone and boasting 30 orgasmic vibration patterns, this waterproof magic wand can easily compete with more expensive models - and come out ahead.

"With its sleek design, rechargeable and waterproof capabilities, this is a must-have, "take-anywhere" companion."

Unique Features

For an even more exciting experience, look into models enhanced with additional features such as pressure-responsive vibration control, illuminated head, and waterproof lining. Wand vibrators made in ergonomic shapes and from luxury materials would make wonderful gifts for yourself - and your loved ones!

The glowing LED lights made it feel very cute and feminine as well (who doesn't like a glow wand?)

Magic Tricks

  • 1. Covert Vibes

    Want to beat the daily grind by doing some grinding of your own? If “frottage” is your thing, wrap your vibrator in a thin pillow or quilt and go to town. The vibrations are powerful enough to deliver the kind of orgasm designed to make you totally forget about your everyday worries.

  • 2. Full Penetration

    With a little warm-up - and the appropriate lube - the heads of some medium-size toys can actually be partially inserted for a shallow, but wildly fulfilling caress. The opening of the vagina has a high concentration of nerve endings. Give them a little buzz, and the vibrations will be transmitted to all your surrounding hot spots. Need we say more?

  • 3. Bathtime Buddy

    A waterproof magic wand is the best companion for a relaxing bath or an invigorating shower. Give yourself a nice, slow rubdown with a happy ending to release every tension, or thrill yourself with a quick powerful orgasm to wake up all your senses.

  • 4. Use It With Your Partner

    Take lovemaking to a whole new level by bringing a massager to bed. Whether you rest it between your bodies while in the missionary position, or one of you uses it on yourself or your partner for added sensations, a magic wand vibrator will definitely kick your couple’s game up a notch and guarantee some mind-blowing orgasms.

  • 5. Edging For Ecstasy

    Alone or with a partner, edging is a technique that can lead to some of the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever experienced - and a wand vibrator is the best tool for this game. By repeatedly bringing yourself or your lover to the verge of an orgasm, then cooling off and starting over again, you create an explosive buildup of pleasure that when released, produces an eruption that’s downright volcanic.