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JO gift pack Sensual bath by System JO
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Stylish and fragrant, the JO system kit comes with everything you need for total seduction and a night you'll both remember for a long time. The combination of ingredients in this kit is designed to heighten all your senses and take you to a new level of sexual ecstasy. Our favorite part of the kit is the JO Clitoris stimulation gel which, in short, sensitizes your clit for up to forty minutes (see the description for Clitoris stimulation gelâ„¢ for further detail.)

For him, two virility dietary supplement pills provide extra energy and staying power with its special blend of vitamins and minerals.

The super concentrated Lavender massage oil is enriched with moisturizing vitamin E for extra stress relief and is a silky smooth subway from foreplay to the main event.

The fragrant Lavender bath therapy is poured into the bath water and leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean.

The Aroma mist spray contains lavender oil and is a fast way to freshen and moisturize your skin-it's the closest thing to a love potion you'll find.

And all these sensually-awakening ingredients come in a sleek and compact box, making this a great choice for a gift that keeps on giving.

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