Kingman Kandie kondoms - Edible treats from Kingman

Kandie kondoms Edible treats by Kingman
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Love is better with flavor! These "condoms" will help make oral sex a lot more enjoyable by making your guy tastier! Each package comes with 3 edible sheaths in assorted flavors; chocolate, strawberry and pina colada.

Although they are not effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy or the spread of STD's these flavored sheaths will make a great snack!

Catalog ID: KI0050

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Edisol-M water soluble film flour, sugar, citric acid, artificial flavor and color.
  • Taste / Aroma

    Chocolate / Pina colada / Strawberry
  • Packaging

    0.1 lb
  • Other

    Special Features:
    • Edible

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    • anonymous
      I ordered these awhile back thinking it would be the perfect thing to help me get over giving head while married to my ex husband. Well we tried these out and first off you have to place it around his penis and then lick to get to the seams to stick. The top is open and if you don't get it covered then that taste I was trying to advoid was there. Watch out with the red one because it stains. Haha my mouth was bright red, lips bright red and my hand when I had to just stop and finish him off was bright red. It was awful because it didn't wash off, had to fade and that took 2 dang days. Just think if I would have used the black one. They are very VERY Sticky and you need a towel just for trying to get yourself unstuck from it. And don't think of having sex with it on. Eww didn't work and then I felt sticky. I would not reccommend this at all unless you like staining, sticky stuff all over and have to explain to your boss why just 1 hand is brightly colored along with your mouth. I know the price looks good but a fruit roll up would work better then these. Sorry folks they just don't work.
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