Kinklab Leather hog tie kit - Wrist and ankle cuffs from Kinklab

Leather hog tie kit Wrist and ankle cuffs by Kinklab
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Product summary and comments by Apirka


Kinklab's Leather Hog Tie Kit is truly a treat! The simple, well-made cuffs are easy to get on (and off, unless locked), and the O-ring hub to which the cuffs attach to is very sturdy. This is definitely a kit that any restraint loving couple will have for years to come.

Best use:

Kinklab's Leather Hog Tie Kit comes with a set of black leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and an "X" shaped central hub with four attachment points. Once the cuffs are on, simply hook them onto the O-ring hub and use your imagination! Because of the level of restraint for a hog tie kit (usually with the hands and feet behind the person), this is perhaps more suited for intermediate and advanced users, although the kit is easy enough to use for any user's skill level.

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UPC: 844915090202

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    11 1/2" / 9"
    Swivel clip
    1 lb
    Apirka's opinion
    The wrist and ankle cuffs in the Leather Hog Tie Kit are very well-made. They are made of black leather and appear very sturdy and should last for a long time. The 'outside' of the cuffs are more finished and are smoother than the 'inside', though the 'inside' portion is quite soft. The cuffs are about 1/8" thick and are simple strips of leather - the ankle cuffs are 13 1/2" in total length, the wrist cuffs are 11 3/4" long, and both are 2" wide. On top of the strips of leather are two D-rings, and another small strip of leather that runs through the D-rings (this is used to close the cuffs). There are also adjustment notches cut into the strips of leather (10 on the ankle cuffs, 7 on the wrist cuffs). There are no buckles; the adjustment notches, one of the D-rings and the small strip of leather are what are used to attach the cuffs (which will be explained more in the "Performance" section below).

    The wrist cuffs adjust from 6" to 9" around when fully fastened; the ankle cuffs adjust from 7" to 11 1/2".

    The "X" shaped hub has a central O-ring, to which four pieces of leather are attached. At the ends of these leather pieces are swivel clips that open up, so the D-rings on the cuffs can be attached. The leather pieces are 5 1/4" long from the point of attachment at the O-ring to the tip of the clip. Also, all of the metal hardware on the hub and cuffs is nickel-plated.

    Again, all of the components of this kit (cuffs and hub) are very well-made, appear quite sturdy, and should stick around for years to come.

    Cuffs & hub
  • Performance

    Apirka's opinion
    Both the wrist and ankle cuffs are comfortable and easy to use. Instructions on how to attach the cuffs are not included, so I will explain how to put them on.

    First, pull the thin strip of leather out of the D-ring on the edge of the cuff. Wrap the cuff around the wrist/ankle. When you have the cuff fitting how you'd like, push the first D-ring through one of the adjustment notches. Pull the thin strip of leather around and through the first D-ring, and the cuff is attached! You can then feed the thin strap through one of the adjustment notches to get it out of the way and further secure the cuff (a padlock can also be placed in that first D-ring for more security).

    How to put on cuffs 1
    How to put on cuffs 2
    How to put on cuffs 3

    To remove the cuffs, just reverse this process. The back of the package also states that because the cuffs have no buckles, the wearer can use their teeth to loosen/remove the cuffs - again, that can be prevented by placing a padlock through the D-ring.

    How to remove cuffs with teeth

    Once the cuffs are on, simply attach them to the O-ring hub. Only attach the wrist cuffs, or the ankle cuffs, if you wish. Place the person on their stomach, or knees, with all four limbs restrained. Just use your imagination! The cuffs and O-ring hub are quite sturdy and definitely exceeded my expectations (especially for cuffs without buckles).
  • Care and Maintenance

    Apirka's opinion
    The cuffs and O-ring hub are easy to care for. If you need to clean them at all, simply spot clean with a damp cloth or leather cleaner and allow to air dry completely before storing (leather will mold if stored wet). All the pieces can be stored in the package they came in.
  • Packaging

    Apirka's opinion
    The Leather Hog Tie Kit comes in a clear plastic pouch with a simple sheet of paper - on the front is a non-discreet photo of a scantily clad couple with the woman restrained by the kit. This paper folds over onto the back, and this portion lists information about the kit and also a brief section about removing the cuffs with your teeth. The plastic pouch is quite sturdy and is perfect for storing the kit - there is a small strip of woven nylon at the top that has a metal snap button to keep the pouch closed; the back has a plastic D-ring for hanging the pouch.

  • Other

    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
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