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Leather tethercuffs

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The perfect solution for getting kinky just about anywhere, Leather Tethercuffs adjust to fit any wearer's wrists or ankles snugly. To restrain, simply attach the clip at the other end to your bondage equipment rings, or loop it around a stationary object and fasten to the free-floating dee ring on the strap to secure your willing captive.

Able to be used in various ways, these restraining straps are ideal for adding some BDSM play to your vacation; simply loop around bedposts or doorknobs to instantly set up cuffs for wrists or ankles.

Adjustable via two stationary dee rings, will fit any wearer and can even be adjusted to use as thigh cuffs, if desired. Strap is ¾ wide, always check with your partner to ensure the fit is comfortable before beginning intense play.

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    Material safety
    0.2 lb
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    • Kinky
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    Phthalates free
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