Lady Calston Love cuffs - Wrist cuffs from Lady Calston

Love cuffs Wrist cuffs by Lady Calston
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When you feel like playing a little bit naughty, the Love cuffs by Lady Calston will definitely be a great item to play with. Having a classic handcuff design, this accessory is additionally stuffed with faux fur for a more pleasant feel of the wearer. The locking mechanism traps the victim and prevents it from escaping. You can unlock the cuffs using the two keys that come in the pack.

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  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    Faux fur
  • Other

    Faux fur

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    • LoveMyVibe
      I purchased these about a year ago and they are still in working order. Very strong and durable! The fuzzy stuff around the cuffs help your wrists from hurting. They are overall pretty comfortable, and are an awesome addition for someone who likes being tied down like I do haha. Every woman should own a pair of cuffs, You can do some tantalizing things to your partner with these and he can do the same in return.
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