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Lover's prisoner kit

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This is a nice little beginner's set that has enough to get you started on your exploration of bondage. The material used for the cuffs and collar is soft and comfortable but the whip delivers a nice sting to contrast that.


Soft, comfortable cuffs and collar.


Rubber smell of whip.

Best use:

The Love's Prison Kit is a beginner's bondage kit that includes two cuffs, a collar, a leash, and a rubber whip. This is by no means a comprehensive kit but a decent starter kit for anyone new to BDSM or wanting to explore it. The two cuffs can be used for either wrist or ankles but there aren't enough to restrain your lover fully. The colors and adjustable size allow this kit to work for either a man or a woman.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    Cuffs: The cuffs are made of a red faux fur that feels similar to velvet. They feel soft on the skin and don't cause any chafing. The cuffs have a Velcro closure to secure them which makes them extremely adjustable. The red faux fur part of the cuff is 9.5 inches long with an additional 3.5 inches of Velcro strap extending beyond it. The scratch party of the Velcro that attaches to the extended piece is 4 inches long and sewn onto the outside of the cuff. Attached to the cuff is a nylon tether that is 40.5 inches long and can be used to secure the wearer to something like a bed or chair or to the other tether to keep the hands or ankles bound.

    Collar: The collar is made of matching red faux fur and measures 19 inches long. The collar does not have a Velcro closure but 3 snaps instead. Depending on the size you need, you can snap all three snaps or just one to make it longer. The snaps are about a half inch apart. In the center of the collar is a nylon loop with a metal D-ring through it to attach the leash to.

    Leash: The leash is a standard type nylon leash that is approximately 43 inches long (not including the metal clip). It has a loop at the end for your hand.

    Whip: The whip is made of rubber strands with a handle that is made of two plastic balls with a clear piece of plastic between them. There is a nylon wrist strap to help keep this from flying out of your hand during use. From the top of the handle to the bottom of the whip tails this measures approximately 13.5 inches. The handle is 4.5 inches of that and the tails are 9 inches. There is a slight rubbery smell to the whip but it may dissipate over time.

    Fake fur / Nylon / Rubber
    Material safety
    Black / Red
    Snaps / Swivel clip / Velcro
    7 oz
  • Performance:

    The cuffs and collar feel amazingly soft against the skin. I initially didn't think they would be very nice based on the simplicity but they are quite comfortable. The Velcro stays securely attached when the tethers are pulled on but would NOT be safe for suspension of any kind. The only problem with the tethers is that you need to have a bed or chair that allows you to tie them around it. Also, if your lover is loose for a while, walking with the loose tethers could be a bit hazardous so make sure you secure them in some way. The leash also works well and as intended. Pulling on the collar is not uncomfortable but definitely gives you the feeling of being controlled.

    The whip is very easy to use. The short length of the tails make hitting your mark easy and also help to avoid wrapping that a beginning user might inadvertently have with a longer whip. The tips of the whip deliver a light stingy sensation that feels nice on the but and back.

    Special Features:
    • Beginners
    • Kinky
  • Other
    Kit includes:
    Cuffs with tethers,Collar,Leash,Whip.
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