Lover's Weekend – a sex guidebook for stable couples

Lover's Weekend Book by Ryland Peters & Small
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Even the strongest, healthiest relationships need a little pepping up from time to time. The days are never long enough to do all that we would like to do, especially if our lives are packed with family and work commitments. It is no surprise that our sex lives can suffer.

Amid the stresses and strains of modern living, we can't always blame our partners for not coming across like a figure from our fantasies, whether you're after a Casanova or a call girl! When we have a partner, our love life with them can begin to feel like an afterthought unless we consciously make time for it, and yet intimacy remains crucial to a healthy relationship - the primary way in which we can show our commitment to each other.

Only when we're relaxed with each other can we reconnect with our partner's plus points, and pleasure points! From changes of scene to ways of improving the scene you have, this little book is packed with helpful suggestions for ways in which you can set aside quality time to relax and rediscover the fun you felt when you fell in love.

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