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Magic lantern Candle by Bell-A-Roma candles
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Magic lantern is ultra scented pillar candle from natural wax. Hand poured by Bell-A-Roma Candles. Their all natural pillar candles are made with a crystal style to add to any home's decor. They use the fragrance concentrate so candles smell fantastic. Self trimming cotton core wicks are used in all hand poured natural pillar candles. Pillar candle is 3" x 9" with a crystal look to the wax.

Available in four different fragrances:

Calming - relaxation and tranquility are the end result of this lavender blend fragrance oil;

Home Again - sugar & spice and everything nice! This fragrance will make you feel right at home;

Cucumber melon - very fresh and light perfect blend of cucumber and melon and will remind you of spring and summer;

Cinnamon Bun - the warm smell of cinnamon baking in Mom's kitchen in it's purest form.

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