Master suspension cuffs Wrist cuffs

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Product: Master suspension cuffs
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A closer look

Premium padded leather suspension cuffs

How it feels

Made from durable and chic leather

Water-resistant and durable leather lining

Color: Black

How it measures

Length: 14"

Width: 3"

How it works

Special Features: Premium

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Aslan Leather

Catalog ID: AL0605MS

  • Luxurious leather, well-padded, beautifully constructed cuffs. For leather enthusiasts everywhere.

  • These cuffs are gorgeous! I love everything about them. They're made fantastically, and they're very comfortable to use. They're pretty expensive, but the price is completely worth it, in my opinion.

  • -Leather -Beautifully Crafted -Padded

  • -High Quality -Comfortable

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