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The Silicone Buddy 1 is designed with stimulation in mind, and it's very easy to see this by just taking one look at it.

It's a closed top masturbator that has stimulating ticklers inside which help to stimulate the most sensitive parts of your penis, and it does it with such perfection. And because the top of it is closed off, it creates a sucking effect when you use it, which we're sure will drive you over the edge into ecstasy.

It has a very unique shaped design, which is reminiscent of an anus, with a wide opening that narrows into a tighter space, and then flares back out into a bulbous shape.

You can be assured that this toy will be easy to clean and keep clean as it is made of hygienically superior silicone, whose non-porous surface makes it difficult for bacteria and germs to "hide".

Catalog ID: SE675112

UPC: 716770040411

  • Properties

    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    TPR Silicone
    4 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    Fits up to:
    0.2 lb
    Special Features:
    • Super stretchy
    • Texturized
    1 1/4"
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    Customer comments

    • anonymous
      I bought this thinking that the "sucking" part would be effective, but honestly, i mean, i think it felt good at a certain point in time i thought i felt it sucking but not like something extraordinary, maybe a sleeve would be better? well i will give it another try.
    • mhmaniac
      What a waste of money! If you have a penis the size of a 10 year olds, this may be good for you. It is so small, and so tight I could not penetrate past the first ring. The nodules inside are so big they rubbed my penis raw when I tried to force it on. Sure would NOT recommend this to anyone.
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