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The Cyborg: a technological monster, a creation by Fleshlight that must seek out a male counterpart to power its many electrical circuits. The Cyborg is created to bring the most realistic simulation of banging a sexbot. The interior of the sleeve is not only cool with its circuit board look but feels wonderful also. The exterior aesthetics (rivets and circuits) not only appear on the exterior but expand into the interior sleeve creating one of the coolest Fleshlights available.


Very creative design and awesome detail!


Attracts lint!

Best use:

Fleshlight, the mastermind behind the most recognized line of sex toys has done it again. Fleshlight Freaks is a new series that features all kinds of ghoulish delights. The Cyborg is Fleshlight’s twist on the private parts of a robotic super intelligent woman (more along the lines of a terminator chick and not Rosy from the Jetsons!). The exterior and the interior are well designed not only aesthetically but functionally, this really is what I would imagine having sex with a super biotic droid would feel like!

There are multiple ways to use a Fleshlight, you can insert your penis and while holding the Fleshlight stroke at your delight, you can also hold this down and thrust your penis into the Fleshlight, and finally you can use this with a partner by having your partner use the Fleshlight to stroke you. There is even furniture (Fleshlight Dogdays) that is available that has a slot that a Fleshlight will fit into and hold the Fleshlight still while you penetrate it. These are but a few of the many techniques available, making this simple toy a versatile one.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Cyborg Fleshlight is comprised of two materials, the outer shell being a hard pearl (white) ABS plastic, and the super soft and realistic feeling sleeve being made out of a super top secret formulated material called SuperSkin. The only information that the website will indulge is that this is not latex, plastic, or silicone. The website also mentions that SuperSkin is phthalate-free. The material is extremely life-like (as in the feel of skin and not in this case a metal!) and feels very nice when warmed up.

    The color of the sleeve (pink) is realistic enough, even without the use of any paints or other added on colorings. While painted lips would take this to the next level, the paints used today usually just rub or wash off, here you will not have to worry about those artificial colorings coming off and onto you or staining your clothing.

    Only Waterbased lubricants should be used with Fleshlights, and other lubricant base can damage the SuperSkin material.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    The Fleshlight’s black case is designed to look just like a large sized flashlight, which is supposed to add a bit of discreetness to this sex toy. With both of the Fleshlight’s ends being screw-on lids it makes clean up a load faster by allowing the sleeve to be removed and replaced with ease. The bottom lid can be screwed on tightly to create a slight suction or left loose for less or no suction. The handle of the Fleshlight is ribbed which makes this much easier to hold onto with hands that have lube or any other kind of slippery substance on them.

    The Cyborg, like others in the Fleshlight Freaks lineup, are not a direct mold, but are however an artistic and very creative rendering on what Fleshlight feels a Cyborg’s vagina would look like, and according to them, a Cyborg’s Vagina is studded with rivets and circuits.

    The sleeve itself is easy to get into and you will not find you or your partner using a full bottle of lube just to get a finger in there. The sleeve is not to loose either, and actually is as close as perfection one can obtain. The less than average to the well endowed will have no problems enjoying the interior texture (A.I:Artificial Intelligence Texture), for the sleeve is very accommodating for a large variety of sizes.

    The AI texture resembles a circuit board and has many ridges that look like circuits and electrical wiring that runs into the clit on the sleeve’s exterior. It is not hard to imagine the clit shining neon blue or green if this were in fact a real android. The texture feels also varied in width as you enter, sort of a modified Lotus texture (for those of you new to Fleshlights, the Lotus was designed to simulate vaginal intercourse.

    The case and the sleeve together add up to about a pound, which can really exercise your arms when using this toy for longer sessions.

    Fits up to:
    Any size
    Vaginal depth:
    7 3/4"
    2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    Special Features:
    • Lubricant included
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Due to the uniqueness and the nature of the materials that make up SuperSkin, soap should not be used to clean a Fleshlight sleeve, and only waterbased lubricants can safely be used. The included pamphlet describes that the best way to clean this Fleshlight is to first remove the SuperSkin sleeve from the plastic case and run warm water through it to remove any fluid deposits. It also warns against using any soaps and detergents as it will cause the sleeve to deteriorate. You can towel or air dry the sleeve, but you must make sure it is completely dry before placing it back in its case for storage, the reason being, that if put back wet, mold can form. While being optional, I highly suggest you powder this toy with a light coating of cornstarch (not talcum, or baby powder). This will restore the life-like feel to your toy and prevent it from becoming sticky.

    While it is recommended that you use warm water to clean the sleeve, you should not use hot water, or high pressure of water, for this can damage the sleeve.

    Compared to other sleeves, the cleaning and maintenance of this toy is not bad, when it is basically running warm water through, it is hard to complain, and add to the fact that the case is practically a self storing case, you do not need to do anything special for storage. Adding powder is not very hard and it will extend the life of the toy.

  • Packaging:

    The Cyborg comes in a decorative tin similar to the Fleshlight Girls line. The background starting from the bottom is neon green, and it fades to the black top of the can. Going vertically from the bottom to the top are the words “Fleshlight” in large and silver print. There are several silhouettes of a woman (which are identical to the models used on the Fleshlight Girls' tins) in multiple different poses, placed strategically on the tin.

  • Personal comments:

    Cool is the word that I come up with to describe this toy, as well as others in this line up. The designs of each in the line are just great, and the Cyborg is no exception. Fleshlight really outdid themselves with the design of the sleeve. They really brought a futuristic look and feel to the sleeve, perhaps this may have looked a tad bit better with a more grey or metallic color for the sleeve, similar to the Alien with its blue color.

    If I had any complaint it would have nothing to do with the Fleshlight sleeve or design itself but rather with the packaging. I am so accustomed of getting a postcard like card with each Fleshlight; this Fleshlight did not have such a card. Also I felt a little let down by the tin itself, it basically lacked anything that would make it stand out, a model to be more specific. I would have loved to see a model dressed up as a sexy Cyborg with touches of Photoshop to make it look extra android-y, or perhaps a CGI model, anything really. These small complaints do not factor in to the functionality so are therefore just commentary, but I feel that the tin is just an average tin and really has no collectivity.

    I found the sleeve to be super enjoyable and really thought that Fleshlight did an accurate job and what I think having sex with an Android would feel like. Sure there are no androids out there to compare to and the closest thing we have are sex dolls, but I think Fleshlight used their noggins here. The chamber widens and gets smaller like the lotus, just a little more abruptly and more rigid, and features a circuit board pattern, very clever.

    For those who are interested, the ingredients in the included waterbased lube sample are:

    Purified Water
    Propylene Glycol
    Honeysuckle Extract

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