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Product summary and comments by Rose Unlocked


The Paris Lotus is a male masturbator with a realistic looking vaginal entrance modeled after Paris. It's realistic skin feel and look combined with the ability to control suction. make this an amazing masturbator. The only really big drawback is that it is very hard to clean.

Best use:

Use of this is pretty straight forward you can warm it up in some water then apply lube enough to cove the entrance to the toy and your self then slide your cock in and have fun. If you want to you can put it between your mattresses so you don't have to move it up and down and you can hump it making it feel a little more real. This toy is amazing if you are alone or for a little before sex fun.

Catalog ID: FLG521

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Latex free / Phthalates free
    Rose Unlocked's opinion
    The Paris Lotus is lined with the Lotus design making it a more real experience. It is recommended with this material you should only use water based lube. It is also recommended if you do re-powder, to use corn starch; also re-powdering will keep this toy in better shape. This toy does smell when you first get it because of the material but goes away after a couple of washes.
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit

    Pearl white / Pink
    Fits up to:
    Vaginal depth:
    8 1/2"
    1.5 lb
    Rose Unlocked's opinion
    The Fleshlight is about 10 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. It also has an open end design so if you happen to be longer then 10 inches you can still use this by taking off the end cap. The Lotus design is a little hard to describe so I will describe it the way they do on their site. "The Lotus begins with a smooth ultra tight entry that quickly blossoms to a slightly more comfortable canal. Further adding to the complex fantasy is the inverted node and four pleasure chambers."
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Lubricant included
  • Care and Maintenance

    Rose Unlocked's opinion
    The one thing I like about the Fleshlights is that they come with a care guide telling you things not to use and what you can use. Most of the other sleeves I have gotten didn't come with a guide, and you just had to know on your own. The care for the sleeve can be a pain just because you have to do it every time you use it. But now that I am use to cleaning it I don't mind as much.

    First you remove the sleeve and run warm water through it, don't use any soap or detergents because it will mess with the material. If you need to clean it more, you can use a little bit of isopropyl alcohol. I usually use a cap full seeing how small the cap is. When it is done air drying, or drying it off with a towel, you should re-powder it to keep it feeling new; but according to the guide you no longer have to for this one like - the past ones and most other sleeves. Just to be safe after I am done drying I leave off the bottom cap so if there is still some water in there it can get out and not ruin the toy.
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