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The Turbo Tube mouth offers an interior canal that is soft, plush, and spongy. The "netted" design offers amazing orgasmic potential with twisting action and the gaping, open mouth accommodates men of larger girths.

Best use:

If you've become bored with your current sleeve, the Turbo Tube mouth is an upgrade that helps you find the spice once again.

This Fleshlight replacement sleeve inserts into any Fleshlight case that you already have. Simply pull the existing sleeve from your Fleshlight case and push this new, Turbo Tube mouth down into the case.

It may work for some outside of the case but it's incredibly floppy and hard to manipulate.


UPC: 810476011079

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Latex free / Phthalates free
    Ribbed / Velvety
    Average Joe's opinion
    The Turbo Tube replacement sleeve is lined with nearly 9 inches of vertical tubes and horizontal ribs. This "netted" design enables men to thrust deep, and derive extreme pleasure from twisting the sleeve over your penis.

    What's surprising about the Turbo Tube mouth is that it's more rubbery in texture than other Fleshlight sleeves. Even though it's made out of the same material, Superskin, it has a spongier construction than the sleeves used in the Fleshlight Girls series.

    This sleeve was built very thick, including the mouth entrance, which causes the Fleshlight case to bounce with each stroke.
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit

    8 1/2"
    Fits up to:
    1 lb
    Average Joe's opinion
    A semi-tight but accommodating fit, the Turbo Tube starts at 3/4" diameter and expands to well over 2", ensuring a perfect fit with amazing orgasmic potential for almost every man.

    This sleeve's design enables larger sized men to use the sleeve as the mouth and interior canal offer a looser fit than other Fleshlight sleeves.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Lubricant included
    • Realistic design
    Average Joe's opinion
    The mouth gapes open and stretches with ease, once your penis is past the two large extended lips, you slip into a plushy, puffy canal.

    With a liberal amount of water-based lubricant, this blow job simulator, slips over your shaft offering ridge after ridge of stimulation.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Average Joe's opinion
    As with all Fleshlight sleeves, the Turbo Tube mouth is only compatible with water-based lubricant and even includes a sample package of ID water-based lube.

    Clean only with water, if insufficient for tough to remove "deposits" in the deep ridges, a small amount of isopropyl alcohol can be used. NOTE: Using soap or detergents to clean your Superskin insert will deteriorate the surface of the material!

    Make sure to dry your new mouth out before placing it back into the Fleshlight case else mold has the potential to grow.

    You can re-powder your Fleshlight with cornstarch if the material starts to become sticky.
  • Packaging

    Average Joe's opinion
    The Turbo Tube replacement sleeve comes inside of a large cylindrical tin. While it is most definitely reusable, it has Fleshlight written right on the side as well as a picture of the sleeve. Far from discreet. If you wish to keep it, you can repaper it with wallpaper or cover it in duck tape to mask the true purpose of the tin.

    Besides the tin, there is a thick plastic insert which is perfect for storing an unused sleeve. If you switch between Fleshlight sleeves often, this insert is a great way to keep sleeves safe when they're not directly in the Fleshlight case.
  • Personal comments

    Average Joe's opinion
    I like very intense stimulation. The Turbo Tube mouth offers moderate stimulation, that for me, wasn't quite exciting enough.

    It was too soft and too plushy for my taste. I must be spoiled from my Sandee Westgate sleeve, but that Fleshlight girl series sleeve offers a more interesting texture.

    I think the difference may lie in that Sandee's masturbator focuses more on horizontal stimulation whereas the Turbo Tube offers vertical stimulation. I noticed with the vertical bumps and grooves, the sleeve at times feels really smooth if you thrust the right way.

    Unfortunately, I just found the interior to be too plushy and the ridges built too large as they felt bouncy as opposed to bumpy. However, because of the gaping mouth, this is a masturbator that is easy to slip into and easy to accommodate men of much larger than normal girths. So all in all, it's not a total loss as this works very well for my thicker than average penis.
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