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Jackers pleaser stroker

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This masturbator is sure to please any stroker. Its unique design makes it a bit different than many of the other masturbators on the market. It's a good all-around product that provides a variety of sensations.


Unique design offers new masturbation experience.


Can collect dust and has an odd, petroleum-like smell.

Best use:

One can never have enough masturbators to choose from, and the Jackers Pleaser Stroker by NS Novelties offers a unique experience for men who enjoy finding new ways to get off. The design of the Pleaser is essentially the same as most masturbators – nothing more than a hole to stick your dick into, with an inner texture to stimulate your manhood. However, the Pleaser is just a bit different and offers something a bit new. Specifically, the interior is made from a soft, skin-like material, but the outer shell that encloses it is rather firm. Unlike most other masturbators, which are either made from a solid slab of soft material (and allows men or their partner to control the firmness of each stroke) or contain a hard outer shell (found on many of the higher-end masturbators) that provides support to thrust against, the Pleaser attempts to combine both of these features.

In order to use the Pleaser, it’s necessary to already be aroused, otherwise you will not be able to insert your penis; the firmness of the masturbator simply requires it. I have found that the Pleaser Stroker also feels much better if it has been warmed up by running warm water through it (it is open on both ends) prior to use. It’s also important to be sufficiently lubed up.

Once your manhood is inside, the real fun begins. The soft interior feels great and, I've got to admit, the interior texture feels incredible as it slides up and down my cock. Although the outer shell is fairly firm, it’s still soft enough that it can be squeezed to increase the sensations wherever they are most needed. At first, the interior texture felt so good that it didn't take long for me to completely lose control, but, with a bit a practice, it became easier to learn how to squeeze, grip, or thrust in order to savor the experience longer.
  • Material / Texture:

    The inner texture of this masturbator is sure to please any penis. Although it can't be turned inside out so that the inner texture can be examined, the packaging does provide a clue. To be honest, I can’t confirm if that’s what the interior really looks like (as I would have to saw it in half to find out), but it sure feels great as it slides up and down my shaft!
    Pleaser Stroker
    Similar to many other masturbators, the Pleaser Stroker is made from TPR, a rubber polymer material that is body safe. One advantage it has is that both water- and silicone-based lubes can be used. It also feels really great to place it in warm water prior to use, especially on a cold day – this is always a penis pleaser! Because TPR is a bit porous, it should not be shared with others.

    As previously discussed, the unique feature of the Pleaser Stroker is that it is made in two parts (both TPR) that are fused together: a softer inner penis sleeve and a harder outer shell. This certainly enhances the overall experience and feels great during use. However, as the shell and the interior are fused together, it really can’t be turned inside out for cleaning. It’s difficult to determine how these two parts were fused, but they seem to hold up well. The black outer shell is sufficiently rough so that it can be held in the hand, even when some lube gets on it. Interestingly, it also provides firmness so that thrusting into the inner sleeve feels great.

    Unfortunately, my Pleaser Stroker has a bit of a smell that doesn't seem to go away. The smell is difficult to describe, but it reminds me of a petroleum product. It’s not overwhelming but, just the same, it is detectable.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    NS Novelties put some thought into the Pleaser, particularly with the inner and outer shell design. One advantage is that the outer shell provides enough firmness to emulate more expensive strokers that have a hard outer case. At the same time, the shell also permits the masturbator to be squeezed during use to alter the sensations on your dick. As this stroker is open at both ends, it should accommodate most men. It has an interior depth of 7 inches, so all but largest largest cocks won’t pop out.

    The Pleaser Stroker easily fits into a man’s hand, but may be a bit large for women who want to help out. Because it is easy to squeeze, this may not be a problem. Also, the hour glass shape is useful for keeping it from sliding around if extra lube happens to get on it during use.

    As with many masturbators, the Pleaser Stroker does make a some noise when it’s sliding up and down your hard cock. Most of the time, the sound is somewhat like a xylophone; it also makes a few slurpy, squishy noises. Overall, these sounds are not too loud, but they are noticeable.

    Black / Blue
    Fits up to:
    17.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    It doesn't take much to operate most masturbators - simply get hard, insert penis, and then trust and pump until the deed is done. The Pleaser Stroker is no exception, although the squeezable outer shell does provide an additional measure of control. This makes using it a bit more fun, as each time is a slightly different experience. This is also useful for getting off right away, as well as for those times when it’s fun to just sit back and enjoy an extended session. As a result, it’s a good all-around masturbator.

    Special Features:
    • Super stretchy
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Given that the Pleaser Stroker is made entirely from TPR silicone, it is easy to take care of. Simply wash with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner or mild soap. TPR, however, should not be cleaned in boiling water.

    One disadvantage of the harder outer shell is that the masturbator cannot be turned inside out. Unfortunately, this makes it a bit difficult to clean thoroughly. Running a good strong stream of warm water through it and then making sure it’s left out to dry is useful. In addition, the Pleasure Stroker is a lint magnet, so you’ll want to keep it away from places where it can pick up dust.

  • Packaging:

    This masturbator is packaged in a standard cardboard box. Photographs of the product adorn most sides, so it’s not very discreet. It’s highly probable that just about everyone will know what is contained inside. Furthermore, the item’s name, “Jackers Pleaser Stroker,” appears on the front, and all but the most naïve will understand what it’s used for. More than likely, you’ll want to store this in another container when not it use.

  • Personal comments:

    Overall, this is a good mid-priced masturbator and feels really great. The inner texture is surprisingly good and provides the right sensations exactly where most men will want them. Although the slight smell and stickiness of the TPR can be a distraction, the inner texture is certainly worth experiencing and can be compared to many higher end masturbators.

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