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The Peach Pai masturbator is a TPE, almost-real-feel handheld sleeve that stretches to fit almost anyone and feels great. It includes three distinct texture areas for maximum stimulation and, as the manufacturer promises, does feel a bit like a non-sticky marshmallow. TPE makes this sleeve much easier to care for than some real-feel materials, and the thick walls spread out hand pressure for a more uniform, tight experience.


Feels great, reusable, and just wait till you try squeezing it around your or your partner's penis.


Floppiness can be irritating at times, closed design makes cleanup difficult.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Peach Pai is made from a phthalates-free TPE material. Unlike the other sleeves I have tried, the Peach Pai is made from expanded (or "frothed" as the manufacturer puts it) TPE material, which makes the Peach Pai extremely soft. Toy's Heart describes the material as "marshmallow type", and that's a very good description if you can imagine a marshmallow without the stickiness, since the Peach Pai isn't sticky at all.
    Texturally the Peach Pai is enhanced by three distinct regions. At the beginning there are several inches of large bumps, followed by about an inch with ridges, and finishing up with a smooth area.

    The Peach Pai's material is suitable for all users, and my sample did not have any noticeable odor or taste.

    Included in the Peach Pai is a packet of lube. The lube is very thick and seems to work well, but it does contain parabens.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Nubbed / Ribbed / Velvety
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    Unusually shaped, the Peach Pai visually resembles a cross between an exercise weight and a hot-dog bun. The first time I picked it up I was struck by two things. The first was how large around it is. Out of the box the Peach Pai is noticeably larger than the average erect penis. This is a good thing, because it means that almost everyone will be able to fit in the Peach Pai, but it also requires that people accept that your hand doesn't have to go all the way around for it to feel good and tight. The second thing that struck me was how soft and floppy the Peach Pai was, a function of the frothed TPE material.

    The Peach Pai fits a wide range of penises, topping out at seven inches long and seven inches in circumference (2.5" in diameter), and certainly feels good when used on an upper-average sized penis. While I could not verify stimulation with a smaller penis, it is likely that the Peach Pai will work as the sleeve diameter is about three-quarters of an inch, and the soft material allows pressure to be put on from the outside to increase the stimulation.

    Toy's Heart draws special attention to the "lips" of the Peach Pai in their literature, pointing out that they were specially designed to provide for adjustable suction and also help to keep the lube inside during use. In my tests they seemed to perform these functions well, sealing the end of the masturbator during use.

    Fits up to:
    2 1/2"
    10.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    While the Peach Pai is completely hand-operated, it offers a surprising amount of control over the masturbation experience. The sleeve has three distinct texture areas, a bumped texture at the beginning, followed by about 1-1/2” of ridges, and ending up with smooth walls. By varying stroke length and location you can change the experience dramatically. The Peach Pai has a few more tricks up its sleeve as well – if you want a change from thrusting you can rotate the Peach Pai around your or your partner's penis. Due to the foamed material vibrations don't transmit as well as they would in a solid, so
    using a small vibrator on the outside of the Peach Pai was not a very rewarding experience.

    The foamed material did provide a number of unique and positive attributes as well. The best is undoubtedly how it equalizes pressure when you squeeze the sleeve. Rather than feeling the pressure points at the fingers in the way you do when you hand masturbate or use a thin sleeve, the TPE in the Peach Pai spreads out the pressure to cause a more general feeling of tightness that's quite stimulating. The insulating effects of the foam are also evident during use. The Peach Pai tends to start out cold, but the TPE/air mix keeps the heat in during a session.

    The channel in the Peach Pai is curved, lending some variation to the stimulation, but given the soft sleeve material the Peach Pai easily adjusts to the users curve.

    Special Features:
    • Lubricant included
    • Super stretchy
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Peach Pai is fairly easy-care given its soft, almost realistic feel. The TPE material is compatible with all water or silicone based lubricants, but should not be used with any lube containing oil. Because the Peach Pai is a closed-end masturbator and the design makes it impossible to turn inside-out, cleanup is a bit more complex than it is with an open-ended sleeve or a sleeve that you can invert, but it isn't too hard with soap and running water and a finger (hint: squeeze the opening to enlarge the hole and make it easer to rinse out, then use a finger).

    Once cleaned the Peach Pai seems to be happy once you dry it and put it away in a dry, safe place. I use a thin cloth and a finger to dry inside and put it in its own plastic bag and out of strong lights, but I haven't had any problems with mold or odd smells, nor have I needed to dust it with cornstarch.

    Since TPE is porous, you should strongly consider a condom if you are planning on sharing this toy with other people. You can also use condoms during general use for easier cleanup.

  • Packaging:

    The Peach Pai comes in a flashy, colorful box with some English but mostly Japanese. In truth, it is very difficult to understand the instructions if you don't speak Japanese, as what is in English suffers some in the translation. Fortunately it is easy to figure out the Peach Pai, and it requires little special care.

  • Personal comments:

    While I haven't tried many masturbators, the Peach Pai is the best of the ones I have tried by far. It feels great, soft and billowy, and is very stimulating. Insertion can be difficult because of a combination of the tight hole and soft material, and cleanup can be a bit more difficult than an open-ended sleeve, but other than that this is great

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