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Colt man butt masturbator

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I think this masturbator would be a great addition to any toy collection, especially if you're looking for an anal-specific model, or want to find a masturbator that isn't terribly expensive, but not cheaply made either. Guys who are fans of masturbators with textured insides will definitely want to consider this one.


Pleasing design


Somewhat unpleasant rubber odor right out of the box

Best use:

The Man Butt Masturbator from Colt Gear is a typical hand-held masturbation device, designed to give its user a penetrative anal sex type of experience. There are plenty of hand-held devices that simulate an open mouth, or a woman's vagina, but this one is crafted to allow the user to enjoy the fantasy of penetrating a tight, supple ass. It's designed to bring pleasure to every inch of a man's cock, from the tip to the root, and all points in between.

It's recommended to wash the inside and outside of this toy before (and after) use, with warm soapy water. The material this toy is made of can not tolerate water that's too hot, so no dishwasher or boiling water to sanitize it. Once your masturbator is cleaned, it's ready to use. Simply apply some lubricant to the inner portion of the toy using either opening, and then use a finger or two to work it into the toy. A well-lubed penis will not only make penetration easier, but more pleasurable as well.

Once you've penetrated, simply move the toy up and down on your cock, enjoying either long strokes, or short ones. Since you control the speed, adjust the strokes to a rhythm that feels the best for you.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator is crafted with "ultra life-like pure skin material." According to the manufacturer - California Exotics - the specific material is Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), a Phthalate Free material that is both firm and flexible. I found the toy to be generously proportioned; not only was the toy longer than many masturbators of this type (6 inches by 2.5 inches), the entry portion as well as the walls of the chamber itself seemed to be thick enough to prevent puncturing or tearing during normal use of the toy. The exterior portion of the masturbator is smooth and somewhat squishy, but the outer aspect boasts an "ergonomic grip," which basically means you can hold onto it easily while stroking it up and down on your erection.

    The inner portion of the toy has one of my favorite features of any masturbator: it's textured! While you're sliding this up and down on your hard penis, you'll realize the inner tunnel has been ribbed with a nicely textured surface, providing much more direct stimulation than a smooth/soft/untextured toy would offer. It also makes the inside of the toy feel less soft as it surrounds your dick, but the material still stretches and conforms to your shape and size. The tunnel, and the anal opening, is pretty tight, even as you slide a finger inside to apply some lubrication, but it's not so snug that you can't penetrate it easily. I was even able to work myself inside of the toy without being fully erect.

    The Man Butt Masturbator's material does have a somewhat unpleasant odor right out of the box. It's a sort of rubbery scent, but washing the toy thoroughly with soap and warm water before use seemed to lessen it.

    Pure skin
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    The Man Butt Masturbator has been designed for the man with ass on the mind. If spreading a pair of willing buns open to see the tight hole waiting for your cock is something that turns you on, this toy happily complies. Not only has the inner aspect been designed with a tighter, textured tunnel, but the opening has been molded to resemble an actual anal orifice. Soft curves around the business end of the toy gives way to a textured pucker which surrounds the actual opening. Caressing this with a finger as you lubricate the toy is an interesting sensation.

    As I mentioned already, the toy has been designed to be longer than some hand-held masturbators, and can probably accommodate all but the most endowed men. While it's not as lengthy as - say - a Fleshlight-type toy, the material stretches easily to take thicker penises, and the generous length should keep your cock happily encased within its textured walls. If you have a longer penis, or prefer to pull the toy down beyond the end of the tunnel (so the head of your cock pops out the other end), the far end of the toy is open, so no need to worry you'll tear anything if you get a bit energetic with it.

    While the size and the light weight of the toy make it easy to travel with, it is a flesh-colored masturbator with a lifelike anal opening, so if you are wanting to travel with something discrete in your bag, this may not be the best choice. Another note on the color: as far as I can tell, this is only offered in a peach flesh-tone shade. If you're looking for a darker skin tone, I don't believe any others are available for this particular toy.

    Fits up to:
    Any size
    2 1/2"
    Anal depth:
    1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    As far as functions go, this is a basic sex toy. The user does all the work. There are no vibrating parts to this toy, and it only moves if you use your hand to do so. At times, I did notice an odd sound coming from the inside of the toy as I stroked it up and down, sort of like a muted xylophone. This was merely a combination of the movement of the ribbed texture against my penis and the lubrication applied to make the toy easier to use. The noise wasn't at all overpowering, but I thought I'd mention it since you can hear it occasionally while you're using it. Most masturbators - when lubricated - make some sort of sound during use, so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

    Since the internal texture of this toy is comprised of a series of evenly-spaced rings, one slight drawback (compared to some other masturbators with more "exotic" textures) is that if you twist the toy while your penis is embedded inside, you won't notice too much difference in how the textured surface stimulates the pleasure nerves in your shaft and glans.

    Because of the material it's made of, you could definitely use this masturbator in the shower, bath or a hot tub. In fact, I'd recommend using hot water to clean it before use, because it will give the inside of this toy a wonderfully warm feeling.

    Special Features:
    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Super stretchy
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Man Butt Masturbator is easy to care for. Simply wash your toy in warm, soapy water, inside and out, before and after use. The toy is shipped inside a clear plastic bag that's been placed in a cardboard display box; not the best way to store it, but better than tossing it in a drawer or cabinet uncovered. I would imagine the soft material this toy is made with would be a magnet for dirt, dust, debris, hair, etc. It's better to keep it under wraps, just to keep it as clean as possible.

    As far as lubrication goes, the packaging does not indicate which lubes are safe to use, so I'd recommend sticking with any water-based lubricant. Some TPR material is compatible with silicone-based lubes, but apparently some TPR products are made with silicone, which would make them incompatible with silicone-based lubes. Using a water-based lube will help ensure your toy will have a longer life.

  • Packaging:

    The Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator comes packaged in a red, white and black cardboard box designed to be displayed in a retail store. While the box pictures a man's sexy bare ass, the toy itself has no such designation; you could fantasize it belongs to a woman or a man without any problems.

    Inside the box, the masturbator is packed in a clear plastic bag. Other than the toy, there are no inserts, directions, lube samples, or anything like that.

    The outside of the package lists the toy's basic features and attributes, including that it was made in the U.S.A.

  • Experience:

    My own personal experience with the Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator was a pleasant one. I've long been a fan of masturbation sleeves, and know they run the gamut from cheap and poorly designed, to pricey and deluxe. This particular model falls somewhere in between. While not as lavish as a Fleshlight-type masturbator, you won't pay the top shelf price associated with more deluxe masturbators either. I found this model to be well made of pleasant-feeling material, soft yet flexible, easy to use, appealing to the eye, and offering up a very erotic sensation: from the initial penetration, to the feel of the textured tunnel stimulating every inch of my cock.

    The ergonomically-designed outer aspect of the toy made it easy to grip while sliding it up and down, or to hold in place while my penis did all the work. The inside texture was my favorite feature, bringing much pleasure during use. In fact, the ribbed sensation got me close to orgasm very quickly. I think this sort of toy works well either for a "quickie," or for use in a long, extended session...if you can manage to keep from losing control as the masturbator stimulates you.

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