California Exotic Senso venus masturbator - Masturbator from California Exotic

Senso venus masturbator Masturbator by
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  • Senso venus masturbator - Masturbator
  • Senso venus masturbator - Masturbator
  • Senso venus masturbator - Masturbator
  • Senso venus masturbator - Masturbator
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Caress your cock with Senso venus masturbator by California Exotic. This super-stretchy tight jelly masturbator is designed to excitingly stimulate your love rod as you thrust it inside this toy. Its exquisite shape will aid in creating that special mood that will allow you working out long sessions. Apply some lube to the toy and you will get extra pleasure.

Catalog ID: SE097812

  • Properties

    Senso® Plus™
    5 1/2"
    Fits up to:
    3 1/2"
    1 lb
    Special Features:
    • Super stretchy
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    Customer comments

    • hma95
      The opening was to small and hubby had a REAL hard time getting his penis inside. The 2 times he was able to get his penis inside, (only after grabbing the opening and stretching it open) it wasn't long after he just popped right out again. This toy only caused frustration, not a good thing.
    • anonymous
      I think you've got it upside down, Anonymous1
    • anonymous
      Hands down the best I've tried so far. Has a nice weight to it and is just long enough. Forget UR3 and suction chambers, I'll take nice, thick, ribbed senso any time!
    • AB
      Went through three of these. Epic every time. Think I even like it more than the <a href="">Fleshlight vagina</a>. Yes, eventually, the beads pop out and you gotta think about replacing, but considering the cost of getting laid, a few months of this for thirty bucks is a pretty sweeeet deal indeed. :P
    • player44
      WOW its great but don't expect to play 4 long as it does the job very well. the beads gives nice resistance and the ribbed lining is godly
    • anonymous
      the way the legs are placed can really start slapping your balls while playing with it, i preferr it without the beads. over all a great toy to use both hands with.
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